The 1909 Candle Collection: Our Fragrances - Colonial Candle

The 1909 Candle Collection: Our Fragrances

The 1909 Candle Collection: Our Fragrances

Our premium 1909 candle collection features three wick jar candles crafted with essential oils to stimulate your senses through fragrance. Curious how the scents of candles can affect your mood? Learn more about the 1909 candles below:


Oroblanco Citrus


1909 Scented Jar Candle, Oroblanco Citrus, 20oz, Single


It’s a Monday, your coffee hasn’t hit yet, and 5 pm seems like hours away. With the Oroblanco Citrus candle you’ll experience a jolt of optimism brought on by its fresh citrus scent. Citrus candles also promote focus to help you get your work done on time. Discover more citrus-scented candles.

Elderberry Rhubarb

1909 Scented Jar Candle, Elderberry Rhubarb, 20Oz,

Like Oroblanco Citrus, the Elderberry Rhubarb candle stimulates feelings of joy with a blend of grapefruit, rhubarb, and a touch of vanilla. We love the blend of citrus notes with cozy scents that encourage happiness in a calming way.


Gardenia Blush

1909 Scented Jar Candle, Gardenia Blush, 20oz

We’re keen on floral fragrances here and the Gardenia Blush candle is no exception. Blended with notes of fruit and musk, this candle creates a pleasant experience that just may make you blush with love. Fall in love with more floral candles.  


Coconut Milk & Lychee

 1909 Scented Jar Candle, Coconut Milk & Lychee, 20Oz,

Sometimes, you need an escape and the beach feels too far away. Bring the feeling of a tropical summer breeze into your home with the Coconut & Lychee candle. The blend of lychee and coconut has notes of rhubarb and musk to promote positivity and relaxation so every day feels like you’re on island time.

Agave Citron

1909 Scented Jar Candle, Agave Citron, 20Oz

The Agave Citron candle has a citrus base similar to the 1909 candles that encourage optimism but it has a more laid-back feel. With notes of lily of the valley and peach, you’ll feel cheerful and relaxed while this candle softly burns in your home. Find more tropical-inspired candles.


Sandalwood & Saffron

1909 Scented Jar Candle, Sandalwood & Saffron, 20Oz

Is there a scent more calming than sandalwood? Perfect for after a busy day, cozy up at home with the fragrant aromas of sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli from the Sandalwood & Saffron candle. Floral candles more your style? Lavender scents  reduce anxiety and even help as a sleep aid when used as an essential oil  (don’t fall asleep with a candle lit, please!)


Mahogany & Tobacco Leaf

1909 Scented Jar Candle, Mahogany & Tobacco Leaf, 20Oz

The Mahogany & Tobacco Leaf candle smells like laying on a cozy leather couch feels. Similar to citrus candles, bergamot essential oils are used in scents to increase positivity but also alleviate stress for the perfect dose of relaxation. In addition to bergamot, this candle carries soft notes of eucalyptus and tea that feel fresh and exotic. 

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A Guide For The Perfect Holiday Home Décor - Colonial Candle

A Guide For The Perfect Holiday Home Décor

Accentuating your home décor with candles is a style practiced for centuries, not just for lighting up any space but also for utilizing many inventive décor ideas. From tablescapes to hearth accents to holiday décor, there are countless ways to create a warm ambiance in your home with magical candles. 
Fall Colors Autumn Blessings Colonial Candle

Colors for Fall

So, whether you take your cues for hues from mother nature or pick your colors from the catwalk, we’re bringing the colors indoors with our Fall Scent line.

We offer a hearty selection of color - Merlot, Cinnamon, Cranberry Spice, Cranberry Cosmo, Apple Orchard, Cinnamon Chai, Cinnamon Bark, and Cranberry Chutney.

Black Tea Flora M Baker Candle

M. Baker Fragrance of the Month: Black Tea Flora

The aroma of bitter black tea and sweet rose petals, with notes of patchouli, is made even more magical with tart red berries and juicy pomegranate. The Black Tea Flora blend is the ultimate autumn aroma. 
Celebrate Summer on Labor Day - Colonial Candle

Celebrate Summer on Labor Day

In addition to celebrating American workers, Labor Day is also the unofficial mark of the end of summer. And of course, Labor Day is known to many people as a time to shop. 

Colonial Candle will be celebrating Labor Day all weekend long. 50% off everything from August 28th to September 2nd. 

As you usher in Autumn, take a little bit of summer with you. Enjoy the warm summer fragrances of fresh Blackberry Briar and crisp Citron Honey, which are part of our summer scent sale. 

If you want to take the summer garden aroma with you all the way until the first snow, check out our Rosehips and Hydrangea candle. And nothing reminds you of summer on the Cape, like Driftwood and Sage

Enjoy our 50% off sale, and happy Labor Day America!

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