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1.1 What is a standard taper candle?

A standard taper candle is our handipt taper, as it is larger at the bottom and tapers narrower up to the top of the candle.


1.2 What is a taper vs regular candle?

A taper candle is used for decor and elegant settings. Tapers are tall and colorful adding a luxurious light to your space. Regular candles, also known as jar candles, as usually scented and great as gifts.


1.3 What is taper candle used for?

Taper candles are useful in many different settings. Taper candles can be used in your home as decor pieces. Tapers are great to enhance your holiday and everyday home decor. Taper candles can also be used for events such as weddings, holiday parties, celebrations, etc.


1.4 What is the difference between classic and handpit candle?

Classic Dinner Candles have a bevelled base that provides stability and support needed for most taper holders.  Handipt Tapers are sleek without the bevelled base but are still fit seamlessly into taper holders.


1.5 Which scented candles are safe?

All scented candles from Colonial Candle are safe.


2.1 When should I extinguish my candle?

You should let your candle burn for one hour for every 1 inch in the diameter of the true candle size. For example, if your candle is 3 inches across, you should burn for 3 hours at a time.


2.2 Are the products Paraben-Free?

Our candles are paraben free. Parabens are normally used in personal care products that are used on the body to prevent growth of bacteria, mold etc. 


2.3 Do you offer bulk discounts for my wedding/event/corporate gift?

Yes! We run bulk taper promotions that benefit small business owners and event planners.


2.4 What is the life span of your candles?

Colonial Candle scented jar candles can last up to 60 hours burn time. Colonial Candle taper candles can last up to 10 hours burn time.

2.5 How long will it take to receive my order?

Our standard lead-time from receipt of PO to shipment from our DC is 3-5 business days for in stock product. Right now, due to high season and COVID-19 labor shortages, we are at 7-10 business days from receipt of PO to shipment from our warehouse. Depending upon location it normally takes 2-7 days for the carrier to deliver packages.

3.1 How do I check the status/shipping information of my order? How can I track my order?

Please click on the “View My Order” link in the confirmation email you received after ordering. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with the tracking number. It takes about 24 hours after you received the tracking number for the tracking information to update. Click here to track your order.

3.2 Why haven’t I received any confirmation emails?

It is possible the email went straight to your bulk/spam folder, the email address maybe incorrect, or you still have an abandoned cart. If you cannot find the email, contact customer service through email or call, and we will confirm the details.

Email: | Call: 1-866-445-9993 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm EST.

3.3 My tracking information says it’s delivered, but my package isn’t here. What do I do?

We are sorry to hear that! After confirming the shipping address on the confirmation email, search your property thoroughly. Then check with your neighbors as the carrier may have made a mistake. If you still haven’t found your package, contact FedEx at 1-800-463-3339 to speak with a representative. Have your tracking number ready. Sometimes the carrier will deliver the package the day after it says delivered. If that is not the case, contact customer service at or 1-866-445-9993 so the representative can begin a lost/missing package investigation. You will be informed with updates throughout the whole process.

3.4 What do I do if I receive the wrong or broken candle?

Contact customer service at Please submit your name, order number, description and pictures of the damaged product. If you have the incorrect item, please note what item is missing.

3.5 What if some candles are missing?

Please check the “View My Order” link on the confirmation email you received after ordering. The candle may be backordered. If it’s not backordered, please contact us through email or phone.

Email: | Call: 1-866-445-9993 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm EST.

4.1 How do I return my order?

To return order: Contact us through email or phone.

Email: | Call: 1-866-445-9993 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm EST.