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Dripless taper candles are amongst the most popular candle products available today. With all the elegance and charm of the classic taper and a virtual guarantee for a clean, safe burn, it’s easy to understand why. But what actually makes a taper candle dripless? And how can you be sure to select the right ones? 

In this blog, we will walk you through everything you could possibly need to know about dripless taper candles. From a brief introduction to the taper itself, to recommended product listings, our guide will make candle shopping a breeze.

What is a taper candle?

Taper candles are perhaps the most traditional form of illumination in the world. Since 3000 BC, some versions of tapers have provided whole civilizations with light and life. That makes them one of the most unifying objects in human history. Whenever you light a taper candle, you are continuing a legacy as old as history itself.

Taper candles can come in all kinds of colors, from a classic ivory look to seasonal hues of red, green, orange, and more. Regardless of where you get your tapers in this day and age, they are likely made from wax. And that wax holds the key to candle quality as well as dripping characteristics.  

For more detailed information on taper candles, be sure to check out the comprehensive guide to taper candles on our blog.

What causes candles to drip?

Candles drip because wax melts. It’s as simple as that. When a wick is lit, the heat from the flame melts a path through the candle’s body of wax. When too much wax melts at once, it can spill over the side of the candle and drip. 

With regular taper candles, there is no real way to stop their dripping. Not even a very stable and sturdy set-up can prevent dripping, because it all comes down to the wax.

What are dripless taper candles? 

Dripless Taper Candles  bypass the traditional wax candles’ propensity for dripping. Instead of a messy table with hardened wax patches, you get a real wax burn with practically no mess. Dripless Taper Candles are still wax candles! They are not some sort of electric replacement for the real deal. In fact,  wax is directly related to the dripless function of the candle. That’s what makes them absolutely essential to real candle fans!

How do dripless taper candles work?

Dripless candles are made from harder wax that has a higher melting point. In other words, they are made from wax that does not melt at the same temperature that regular wax does. The result is that the candle only melts right near the flame, not all over the body of the taper.

Dripless wax of that kind is created by combining regular wax with stearic acid, which hardens it. Stearic acid occurs naturally in animal and vegetable fats. It is considered a safe food additive by the FDA, and can also be found in products like chewing gum!

Are dripless candles really dripless?

Because dripless taper candles are organic products made from real wax, there is always a chance they can drip slightly, especially if they are not positioned in a sturdy manner. 

But, in general, dripless candles perform exceptionally well. You are sure to see an enormous difference between regular tapers and the dripless variety.

Why is my taper candle not dripping? 
If your taper isn’t dripping, you’re doing everything right! From candle material to proper candle placement, you’ve got ideal setup for a safe, natural candle burning experience in your home!

Virtually Dripless Taper Candles on Colonial Candle

There is a whole world of candles to explore on Colonial Candle. For fans of Taper Candles, our website features enough variety to satisfy even the most discerning candle customer. Colonial Taper Candles are all virtually drip free and hand-made in the United States with high-quality wax. They are a true artisan product.

The classic 12” hand-dipped White Taper Candles are some of our best-selling candles for a reason. They are exceptionally elegant, well-matched with almost any decorative set-up, and, like all Colonial Tapers,virtually dripless. Pick these for a stress-free tasteful addition to any room or occasion! With a burn time of up to ten hours, they are sure to deliver. 

Similarly tasteful, the 10” Colonial Candle Red Tapers are a model in elegance. Crafted in artisanal fashion to fit perfectly into any candle holder, their gorgeous red shade brings a splash of color to a romantic or festive setting in a flash. They are unscented, smokeless, and virtually dripless. 

Hosting Thanksgiving? Try some 8” Pumpkin-Colored Taper Candles for a gorgeous tablescape.These tapers are perfectly suited to accent your fall décor with a warm, virtually dripless burn. Combine them with candles in other fall colors for a dynamic experience fit for the season!


Other Taper Candle Ideas 

Looking ahead to the holidays, you might already feel inspired to invest in fitting seasonal candles. There are plenty of holiday-appropriate candles available on Colonial Candle. All the tapers for our favorite time of year are virtually dripless! What's more festive than a dripless candle?

Consider these 12” Metallic Red Candles for a show-stopping addition to your holiday-themed décor. With natural metallic glow, this pair of candles are ideal for framing a mantlepiece, for instance. 

Alternatively, invest in this 8-pack of 5” Ivory Tapers. These small, delightful taper candles can be grouped together. A number of these spread around a space will wash your room in tasteful, bright candlelight. With up to four hours of burn time each, they can light your home for a whole evening!

Even these smaller models remain virtually dripless, guaranteeing that your holidays are an unbridled success!

Dripless and Timeless 

Dripless Taper Candles really are the best product for candle lovers. These delightfully decorative, bright additions to your home will bring joy to you and your loved ones – at any time of year. Browse the Colonial Candle website for even more virtually dripless taper candles and permanently brighten your space!


KathrynT said:

I was cleaning candle wax from my candlesticks and It made me wonder whatever happened to the elegant boxed hand dipped candles my mother used to buy in Colonial Williamsburg. I remembered that they didn’t drip at all. I was beginning to think they were a thing of the past until I found your online store. I am glad you still box them as that is part of the experience of using and owning high quality hand dipped candles. It harkens to the luxuries of the past when things like roses, soap, and even hats were boxed for sale. Plus the box keeps the candles pristine and ready for use, and they are reusable for so many things. I can’t wait to order. Thank you for the article.

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