Unwind With Wick for National Relaxation Day - Colonial Candle

Unwind With Wick for National Relaxation Day

In 1985, fourth-grader, Sean Moeller came up with the idea of National Relaxation Day. And who would know better about forgetting responsibilities for day than a 9 year-old? Sean suggested that people shouldn’t do anything of real value on this holiday. He told his idea to his grandfather, William D. Chase, who was the founder of Chase’s Calendar of Events. The event stuck and is still an annual holiday every August 15th.

Most people associate relaxation with hitting the spa for a massage, sauna or steam room. But there’s also relaxation in simple tranquil moments such as going for a walk, lighting a candle, going for a run, laying in the sun, sitting in a park, smelling lavender, doing Tai Chi, yoga, taking the time to just stretch, or setting a timer and sitting silently for 5 minutes and concentrating on long slow mindful breaths. Or maybe you spend the day focused on gratitude and on all the things to be grateful for.

Just like National Relaxation Day, our Sweet Pea candle is only available for a limited time. Enjoy one while they last and let your stress melt away as the delicate aroma fills your room. However you choose to relax, may you find some zen on National Relaxation Day.

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Lighting Around The Campfire - Colonial Candle

Lighting Around The Campfire

With a rich history for an even richer snack, s’mores is a staple of early fall camping. If you want to relax by a campfire with warm childhood memories without having to pack camping gear, enjoy our fragrance of the month: Lakeside S’mores Candle.