Let's face it, no matter how exciting it is, the holidays can be chaotic and overwhelming. Acknowledge the chaos and embrace a new tradition of tranquility. Despite the upcoming festivities being a special time to reconnect with family and friends, the new normal has left us stressed out. Find special moments even though things haven't gone as planned.
Black Tea Flora M Baker Candle

M. Baker Fragrance of the Month: Black Tea Flora

The aroma of bitter black tea and sweet rose petals, with notes of patchouli, is made even more magical with tart red berries and juicy pomegranate. The Black Tea Flora blend is the ultimate autumn aroma. 
Unwind With Wick for National Relaxation Day - Colonial Candle

Unwind With Wick for National Relaxation Day

In 1985, fourth-grader, Sean Moeller came up with the idea of National Relaxation Day. And who would know better about forgetting responsibilities for day than a 9 year-old? Sean suggested that people shouldn’t do anything of real value on this holiday. He told his idea to his grandfather, William D. Chase, who was the founder of Chase’s Calendar of Events. The event stuck and is still an annual holiday every August 15th.