A Guide For The Perfect Holiday Home Décor - Colonial Candle

A Guide For The Perfect Holiday Home Décor

Accentuating your home décor with candles is a style practiced for centuries, not just for lighting up any space but also for utilizing many inventive décor ideas. From tablescapes to hearth accents to holiday décor, there are countless ways to create a warm ambiance in your home with magical candles. 


Let's face it, no matter how exciting it is, the holidays can be chaotic and overwhelming. Acknowledge the chaos and embrace a new tradition of tranquility. Despite the upcoming festivities being a special time to reconnect with family and friends, the new normal has left us stressed out. Find special moments even though things haven't gone as planned.
Celebrate Summer on Labor Day - Colonial Candle

Celebrate Summer on Labor Day

In addition to celebrating American workers, Labor Day is also the unofficial mark of the end of summer. And of course, Labor Day is known to many people as a time to shop. 
Gnome for the Holidays - Colonial Candle

Meet Jerome, the Colonial Candle Gnome

Deep in the dense, evergreen and picturesque villages of southwest Germany, lies an underground community of shared wealth and knowledge. This is the ancestral home of Jerome, the Colonial Candle Gnome, whose decendents migrated to America centuries ago. 
Best Holiday Candles from Colonial Candle

Best Holiday Candles for 2018 - Colonial Candle

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is finally here and along with the madness of the season comes the desperate rush of having to find a hundred different presents for your loved ones. While we might not be able to help you find the hottest gadget on the market, Colonial Candle is a one stop shop for finding the perfect scent for the candle lover in your life. 
Christmas Smells Around the World: What Fragrances Reminds You of Christmas?  | Colonial Candle

Christmas Smells Around the World

As Americans, we sometimes overlook the holiday traditions of other nations, even the ones we share. Christmas, for example, is celebrated by nearly 2 billion people around the world and, yet, everyone has different traditions. What different decor is used? What foods are different? What different smells trigger signs of the Christmas season?
The Bayberry Candle Christmas Tradition - Colonial Candle

The Bayberry Candle Christmas Tradition

This Bayberry candle comes from a friend,
so on Christmas Eve burn it down to the end.

For a Bayberry candle burned to the socket
will bring joy to the heart and gold to the pocket.