With over 110 years of experience in pioneering exquisite candles, Colonial Candle® has established the highest levels of craftsmanship in our work. We  use only the finest ingredients and materials available, and have successfully mastered the art of candle making.   

Today, Colonial Candle® classic wax and home fragrance products continue to be proudly made in the USA, and can be found in most retailers. The candle that started it all, bayberry tapers, is still available today over a century from its inception.  

Colonial Candle® is committed to upholding over a century of high standards of candle craftsmanship, while sharing our passion for ever-evolving fragrance and style. 


We are rooted in a heritage of exceptional quality and the courageous dedication to design excellence. Colonial Candle® believes that candlelight and fragrance are art forms that create memories and bring new traditions to life.  

Our expertly crafted products help you set the mood and evoke an experience, whether it’s a memory from your past, the scent of an exotic location or the excitement of planning a gathering. Make your favorite new memories with Colonial Candle.  

We believe in allowing your daydreams to become your reality. We  believe that fragrance, color and candlelight are extensions of your personality. We are constantly innovating, evolving, and dreaming in fragrance and design. 


Our original name was Colonial Candle of Cape Cod, and our mark bears the 4 C’s for that reason. Since then, we have evolved the 4 C’s mark to stand for the values of our founder, and after more than a century continue to this day: 


Innovative and original, Colonial Candle embraces creativity through authentic fragrance, design and content. 


Resolute and tenacious, Colonial Candle was built from a strong, fearless woman’s dream.  


Dauntless and bold, Colonial Candle stands behind its products and convictions assuring that they are genuine and forthright.  


Expressive and colorful, Colonial Candle tells a passionate story about embracing color in your life literally and figuratively. 


From the start, Colonial Candle® has been a pioneer and leader in building and growing the candle industry through dedication to the highest standards of quality and innovation. Founded in 1909 by Mabel Baker, Colonial Candle was the first U.S. candle company founded and owned by a woman 

Colonial Candle began in Hyannis, Massachusetts, where Baker hand crafted bayberry taper candles as gifts for her friends and family. Her bayberry candles were in such high demand that Baker began selling them in stores on Cape Cod and quickly expanded nationwide. The candle that started it all, bayberry tapers, are still available today more than a century later.