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For more than a century, Colonial Candle® has sparked joy, created memories, and established cozy corners in homes across America.
We embrace a legacy steeped in American ingenuity, exceptional quality and a purposeful dedication to design excellence.

Our History

Founded in 1909 by Mabel Baker, Colonial Candle of Cape Cod® holds the distinction of being the first woman-owned candle company. A once dedicated schoolteacher, Mabel Baker embarked on her journey by handcrafting bayberry taper candles as thoughtful gifts for her friends and family. The demand for her exquisite bayberry candles grew so rapidly that she expanded her reach beyond Cape Cod, selling them in stores nationwide. Over a century later, the legacy of Colonial Candle® endures, with the iconic bayberry tapers, still proudly poured in the USA today.

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1905 Image Mabel Kimball Baker, home economics teacher at Hyannis Massachusetts Training School, grew up hearing tales about pilgrims making candles from native bayberries. She began gathering berries from the bushes that grew along the coastline of Cape Cod along her walk home, and decided to give it a try. With practice and determination, she started making hand-dipped tapers in her tiny kitchen and giving then as gifts to her family and friends for Christmas.
1909 Image What began as a way to create handmade gifts quickly grew into a booming business, and Colonial Candle Company of Cape Cod was officially founded as the first U.S. candle company to be owned by a woman.
1910 Image The first big sale! A large store in Boston purchased an entire year's supply of tapers, and introduced Colonial Candles to the big city.
Today Image After over a century, the bayberry Hand-dipt™ are produced at the Elkin, North Carolina facility in the USA.