Ah, weddings, what a splendid topic to discuss! For any bride-to-be, the journey to the altar is filled with excitement, anticipation, and endless possibilities. It is a dream she has been nurturing since forever, whether she is consciously planning or just indulging in daydreams. You can imagine her, gazing at her grandmother's immaculate wedding gown, flipping through her mom's or favorite aunt's wedding album, or relishing in stories from back in the day! And when Mr. Right finally pops the question? Bam! All those thoughts start coming together, shaped by her growing maturity and a dash of practicality.

Now, picture this: our bride, armed with dreams, budget concerns, and a bunch of innovative ideas, embarks on a journey of planning the biggest day of her life. Let's talk about how we can make her wedding dreams turn into reality, with a touch of creativity and some innovative twists. 

So, we have these four seasons, right? Spring, summer, fall, and winter. The bride must pick which one sets the stage for her big day. Once she has that figured out, it is all about letting her personality, style, and aspirations lead the way, with a little help from experienced friends or pros to keep things on track. And once all the big stuff, like the dress, food, and the theme, is sorted, it is time to talk decor. And that's where Colonial Candle® steps in with its magical glow to show the path.

Imagine this: candles lining the aisle, casting this mystical glow as the bride makes her grand entrance. It is like something out of a fairy tale, right? And let us not forget about the altar and stage. Picture different heights and colors of taper candles, placed among the beautiful flowers, adding a touch of enchantment to the whole scene. Oh, and the unity candle ceremony? Yeah, it is all about adding that extra layer of meaning to the 'I dos.'

Colonial Candle® Guide to Using Colorful Taper Candles at Your Wedding Reception:

When it comes to decor styles, the options are endless! You could go for a minimalistic vibe, try your hand at some DIY, go all out with luxury, embrace boldness, opt for vintage charm, keep it elegant, or even get experimental – the possibilities are endless! Adding taper candles to your reception tables is a budget-friendly way to bring loads of style and personality to your wedding. Taper candles look super elegant, they are easy to handle, and they bring in that much-needed romance and soft glow to your venue at night. Plus, taper candles help you add layers to the decoration with other items, creating a multi-dimensional visual feast for your guests. But hey, using taper candles at your wedding reception can be a bit of a puzzle! That is where this guide comes in – we will walk you through some popular ways to use taper candles at weddings and help you figure out what is best for your big day. So, get ready for some candlelit inspiration!

A taper candle is a long, slender candle that gradually narrows towards the top. It is a classic form of illumination, dating back to ancient times, often associated with formal settings and elegant decor. Taper candles are typically made from wax and are used for both decorative purposes and providing ambient lighting in various environments, from dinner tables to special events.

 Colonial Candle® Tapers

Available in ~15 vibrant color options, Colonial Candle® taper candles are available in three styles: Classic, Advent and Handipt™.

Choose from the palette of colors: White, Ivory, Red, Evergreen, Colonial Green, Cranberry, Purple, Persian Pink, Coastal Blue, Limoncello, Wedgewood, Indigo, Amber, Mulberry, Pumpkin, and Black

Size: 8”, 10”, 12” candles are available. Burn time: 10 hours.

Specialty: Dripless and Clean Burn

Why use Colorful Taper Candles?

Colorful taper candles are often underestimated by event planners and wedding vendors. However, there are numerous compelling reasons why you should give them a second thought and consider incorporating these stunning candles into your reception decor and table settings for your big day.

Set the Mood:

There is a certain allure to the soft glow of candlelight that adds a touch of magic to any setting. Whether you are aiming for a romantic atmosphere or a whimsical vibe, colorful taper candles are the perfect choice. Just make sure they are placed securely to prevent any accidents when the party gets started. With an array of vibrant hues, your reception will feel more like a fairy-tale forest than a traditional banquet hall.

Elevate the Atmosphere:

Good lighting is essential for creating the right atmosphere, and colored taper candles are an excellent choice for adding a touch of sophistication to your wedding reception. With a variety of colors available, from ivory, pink and purple to green and blue, you can easily find ones that complement your theme or color scheme perfectly. These candles not only set the mood for a memorable evening but also work beautifully when paired with floral centerpieces, adding a colorful and elegant touch to your guests' dining experience. And once the reception is over, you can repurpose them as stunning home decor accents, ensuring that their beauty lasts long after the celebration ends.

Capture Attention:

Vibrant taper candles serve as an excellent focal point to captivate your guests' attention at your wedding reception. Whether incorporated as centerpieces or integrated into the overall decor, they infuse a burst of color that is sure to catch the eye. With an array of color options available, matching them to your theme and aesthetic is a breeze. Experiment with assorted colors, shapes, and sizes to create a diverse ambience for your event. Enhance the allure by pairing them with twinkling light bulbs scattered around the room, adorning tables amidst floral arrangements. Additionally, placing candles on the cake table can deter curious hands from sneaking a taste of the cake.

Choosing Between Scented and Unscented Candles:

When prepping for your wedding, think about whether to go with scented or unscented candles. Scented ones add a nice touch, but they might not be ideal for outdoor events or guests with allergies. Stick to unscented ones for a safer bet or mix it up with a bit of both. Or hey, why not keep it simple with unscented ones and let the flowers handle the aroma duties for a change?

Choosing Candle Holders:

Choosing the perfect candle holder sets the vibe for your wedding. Keep costs, ease of use, size, and weight in mind while browsing options.

Candle Care & Safety:

Our tapers are made to "Drip Resistant,” so they burn beautifully as long as you keep them away from drafts and too much heat. Just make sure they are straight and snug in their holders and use wax buttons for added stability. And, of course, keep them out of reach of kids and pets for safety.

Candle Diverse Styles:

When it comes to wedding decor, do not overlook the variety of candle styles available beyond tapers. From pillar candles to votives, jar candles, and tea lights, each brings its own unique charm to the ambience. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of pillar candles, the intimate glow of votives, the versatility of jar candles, or the subtle illumination of tea lights, they all contribute to the warmth of your venue. Mixing and matching these styles can add depth and layers to your decor, enhancing the visual appeal of your special day.


Memorable Wedding Favors:

And do not forget, colorful taper candles also serve as fantastic wedding favors! Not only do they add charm to your event, but they also make for thoughtful gifts for your guests to take home. You can elevate them further by adding a personal touch through custom labels, notes, or even unique packaging. This way, your guests not only leave with a beautiful keepsake but also a reminder of the special memories shared on your big day.

So, remember, your wedding day should be a reflection of you. Whether you are going for casual chic or full-on glam, just go with what feels right. Here is to love, laughter, and happily ever after. “Happy planning!"

Share your wedding decor aspirations with us! You can either leave a comment below or reach out to our customer care team. We're eager to hear all about your vision for the perfect wedding ambience.


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