Mother's Day: A Celebration of Love

Mother, Maa, Madre, and Mama are universally recognized terms of endearment for mothers across the globe. This simple word encapsulates profound emotions of love, validation, sacrifice, and care, devoid of pretense. Through moments of triumph, despair, and every challenge in between, the presence of our mothers remains constant. Candles make a wonderful gift for mothers of any age. Not only do they have an amazing aroma, but they also possess scents that can trigger memories or uplift her mood. Do not forget to include a special message to bring back fond memories. At Colonial Candle®, we have taken extra consideration to find the ideal candle choices for mothers based on their unique personalities.
valentines day

Valentines Day - Love's Evolution: From Flickering Flames to Unquenchable Coals

As couples embark on the journey of Valentine's Day, the ambiance of romance often intertwines with the soft glow of candles. The flickering flames of Colonial Candle®'s add warmth and intimacy to the celebration, creating an enchanting atmosphere that complements the emotions shared between partners.
Autumn is on my mind

Autumn is on my mind

You know when those golden leaves start doing their little dance in the crisp air? Well, that's when I start thinking, "Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."

Well technically, those are not my words (by the way it's from a poem by George Eliot), but hey, the feeling are authentic! Autumn is like that gentle nudge, telling us the scorching summer days are over, and it's time for some cozy moments and nostalgia and scent of the earthy, sweet scent of fallen leaves piling up and the cool evenings when the air carries the delicious smoky scent of campfires and bonfires, and time for a treat from the bounty of the season – pumpkins and apples galore! I can practically smell the pumpkin pies baking and those warm pumpkin spice lattes with their teasing hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. And don't get me started on the freshly harvested crops like corn, wheat, and hay. It's like the whole world is celebrating the harvest season.

Colonial Candle® brought back their Signature Oval jars this season that not only look fabulous as a centerpiece but also fill your home with that warm, inviting autumn aura. They've got a nose for the best autumn fragrances, so trust me the candles will set the perfect mood without going overboard. Happy autumn, folks!

Say "I DO" To Colonial Taper Candles

Say "I DO" To Colonial Taper Candles

As spring approaches and wedding season begins, many couples are planning their perfect ceremony. Say "I do" with Colonial Candle Tapers.