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    The Founder of Colonial Candle - Women's History Month

    The Founder of Colonial Candle - Women's History Month
    Every year since 1987, the month of March has been designated to honor women and their various contributions around the world. Women's History Month is a full month to recognize and celebrate women of the past, present and future. In the spirit of this solidarity, we would like to honor the founder of Colonial Candle, Mabel Baker, the first woman to start a candle company.

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    Galentine's Day Decoration Inspiration

    Galentine's Day Inspiration

    Galentine's Day. A holiday created by Leslie Knope, a character from the quirky, yet lovable show, Parks and Recreation. It's a holiday that has been eagerly adopted by mothers and daughters of any age, and girlfriends and gal pals from all walks of life.

    In honor of this celebration of girl power, we've put together a little showcase of our favorite Galentine inspired table decorations.

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    4 Easy Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

    2in Handipt Ivory Taper Candles - Colonial Candle

    Thanksgiving is the one American holiday when family and friends purposely gather together around a turkey filled table and share what they are thankful for. It's such an important holiday for thankfulness and reflection, and it's too often overlooked.

    One of the easiest and most noticeable ways to bring importance to the Thanksgiving holiday and to achieve a sense of togetherness is with thoughtful decorative pieces. Here are a few decorating tips to have your home Thanksgiving ready in no time. 

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