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As Valentine's Day approaches, the celebration of love takes center stage, and the words of Henry Ward Beecher beautifully encapsulate the journey of love through the different stages of life. Henry says,

"Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering."

In the initial stages of adulthood, love is akin to a flame, enchanting and passionate, yet delicately flickering like the soft glow of a candle. This love infuses its fragrance like our Colonial Candle®'s delightful Pink Cherry Blossom candle.

In the bloom of early adulthood, Valentine's Day ignites a heady rush and butterflies in the stomach. The anticipation of finding a soulmate creates a flame that dances with the excitement of possibilities. Much like our Garden Peony Candles light, this young love is pretty, often intense, but still in the early stages of its journey. 

As time progresses and individuals find their soulmates in adulthood, the plans for Valentine's Day start to unfold. The reality of love may surpass expectations or, at times, disappoint, but still, it becomes an occasion for gathering experiences and creating lasting memories. The flame of young love transforms into a more mature and enduring warmth.

"Upon entering one's thirties and encountering a soulmate brings about new responsibilities. Valentine's Day glides by with a quiet grace, akin to a refined dancer on a stage. It leaves behind a subtle trail of moments, understated yet weaving a tapestry of cherished memories, whispered in the gentle hush of the passing day. The celebration involves a simple but romantic dinner with the partner accompanied by a fragrance-filled candle at the center and heart-filling love." Eventually, the flame of young love matures into a deeper, more stable warmth, akin to the steady glow of coals. It becomes a quiet, enduring force, providing a sense of comfort and security amid life's responsibilities. Our Gardenia Blush, 1909 Collection correctly represents the purity and gentleness of this stage. When combined with the masculine fragrance of the Classic+ collectionit creates a heady sensation. 


As the years pass and you are busy with life, Valentine's Day doesn't make a dent in your schedule and moves quietly. A simple wish, a card, a fragrance-filled candle will make the day. The flame of passion may no longer burn as brightly, but the warmth of mature love is unquenchable. It becomes a subtle yet powerful force that adds depth and richness to the celebration of Valentine's Day. The grace and serenity felt at this point in life are brought out by our Twinkling Lavender Candles, with a hint of a Pop of Color.

When individuals enter the golden years, the responsibilities reduce, and the focus shifts from the hush-bush of a busy schedule. "That silent partner again emerges as a canny warrior. You can recount the youthful days in matured love." The flame, now transformed into coals, serves as a source of reflection, allowing couples to recount the youthful days in the embrace of matured love. The happiness, love and joy of this period is completely reflected by our Stardust Tulip Candles with its playful Pop of Color.

 In the symphony of life, from the flickering flames of young love to the unquenchable coals of matured love, Valentine's Day becomes a celebration of the evolving, enduring, and profound nature of the human heart's capacity to love.

 Romance and Candles: A Timeless Duo

As couples embark on the journey of Valentine's Day, the ambiance of romance often intertwines with the soft glow of candles. The flickering flames of Colonial Candle®'s add warmth and intimacy to the celebration, creating an enchanting atmosphere that complements the emotions shared between partners.

Colors, Flowers, and Fragrances for Valentine's Day: Symbols of love

Valentine’s Day celebrations come alive with colors and fragrances that embody love. She adores the romantic tones of pink, red, and white, while he finds resonance in deeper shades like red, grey, and blue. For her, the ideal bouquet is adorned with roses, tulips, and orchids, evoking a natural essence. On the other hand, his preference leans towards orchids, sunflowers, and tropical blooms. Fragrances take center stage on this occasion. The perfect choice would be presenting her delicate scents like rose, jasmine, and vanilla, while he enjoys the more robust notes of woody, smoky, fresh, citrusy, and warm and spicy aromas. At Colonial Candle®'s, we've put together a Valentine’s Day collection that's all about those sweet details. We made sure every bit is just right and full of care. As we believe, 'Love is in the air, and our fragrances are here to enchant the heart.'

Valentine's Day Traditions Across the Globe

Valentine's Day traditions vary globally. In the Philippines, mass weddings are organized for couples who can't afford their own ceremonies. In Japan, women traditionally offer chocolates to men. In Germany, the celebration focuses on pigs and gingerbread, while some countries celebrate friendship instead.

For a historical perspective on Valentine's Day traditions, puzzle purses were one of the popular gifts in 18th and 19th century England and the United States. A bouquet with yellow acacia, jonquils, and snowdrops conveyed concealed love, desire for affection, and hope, respectively.

Musical Notes of Love

No celebration of love is complete without the right music. "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel remains a classic choice, capturing the sentiment of unconditional love. Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" also resonates with its sweet lyrics about finding the perfect love.

As the melodies play, it's a journey through emotions. Perhaps you have your own playlist that echoes the rhythm of your heart affairs? Share the beats that speak to your love story!"

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