Spring Back To Your Favorite Fragrances - Part 3

Spring Back To Your Favorite Fragrances - Part 3

Spring has finally sprung and so have our final three spring candles. Lucky for you, we saved the best for last! Unlike the previous releases, this debut is especially spring themed. With the snow beginning to melt and the earth coming alive with color, Colonial Candle has decided it would be appropriate to release our most floral debut yet.
8oz Limeade Scented Jar Candle - Colonial Candle

Spring Back To Your Favorite Fragrances - Part 2

For years, Colonial Candle has released a variety of limited edition spring fragrances that have been adored by our fans. Many of these candles have made it into our core collection, but others have been discontinued. Throughout the years, there has been an outcry from our fellow fragrance fanatics to bring them back, so with our fans as our inspiration, we've been resurrecting our most beloved spring classics.
Spring Back To Your Favorite Fragrances

Spring Back To Your Favorite Fragrances - Part 1

With the abrupt end of December's holiday cheer, January's winter blues inevitably comes creeping back into our lives. Most people spend the winter months wrapped in thick, woolen blankets, dreaming of long walks in the park or sipping umbrella-clad drinks on the beach. To counteract these cold, dark days, the fragrance fanatics here at Colonial Candle have come up with a plan to bring our lovely fans out of their winter melancholia.
DIY: How to Fight Against Stress

Zen: How to Rest and De-stress

Spring may be here, but that doesn't mean we're not stressed to the max. Whether it's from the looming threat of another winter storm or a deadline at work, stress is huge part of everyday life. 

Before you get too stressed thinking about stress, we've brought back a fan fav to chill you out a bit: The Zen Collection. There are seven fragrances - including White Chamomile and Soothing Lavender (my personal fav). Light one of these babies and you'll be on your way to finding inner peace. 

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Tablescape Inspiration: Greenery Overload for St. Patty's Day

If there's ever a time to go all out with greenery table decor it's definitely for St. Patrick's Day. In honor of this *lucky* holiday, we've put together a little showcase of our favorite St. Patty's inspired table decorations.
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The Three D's of Spring Cleaning - Colonial Candle

The Three D's of Spring Cleaning

It's still February and there's already pollen on the ground here in Charleston. As the pollen and dust continue to accumulate on our porches and mantles, spring cleaning keeps creeping further up on everyone's to-do list.  

Cleaning and organizing your entire house can seem a little daunting after the cold winter months. Not to worry, we've got you covered. To make things a little easier, we've complied a three-step spring cleaning guide: The Three D's of Spring Cleaning.

History of the National Cherry Blossoms Festival - Colonial Candle

History of the National Cherry Blossoms Festival

It's been a crazy winter here in Charleston. We had an accumulation of snow in January - and we're talking about a historic snowfall for the Lowcountry. 

Zip ahead to present day where we might be see bathing suits this weekend. Again, this is atypical weather, but we are not complaining. With the latest warm snap, Mother Nature has graced us with early blossoms, including the most amazing bright fuchsia tulip magnolia and perfectly pink cherry blossoms - and just in time for President's Day!