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Photo showing a box of 12, 10-inch red taper candles made with high-quality wax from Colonial Candle.
Image of our 10-inch mulberry red taper candles made by Colonial Candle with high-quality wax.
This is a photograph of a Colonial Candle 12-pack of 12-inch traditional cranberry red taper candles.

New Arrivals

Find a woodland escape with this image of our 15 oz Manly Indulgence scented jar candle from Colonial Candle.
This image shows a candle from our Manly Indulgence collection called black tuxedo that comes as a 16.5 oz scented jar candle sold by Colonial Candle.
In this image is the black sandalwood scented jar candle from the 15 oz Manly Indulgence selection available at Colonial Candle.