It's still February and there's already pollen on the ground here in Charleston. As the pollen and dust continue to accumulate on our porches and mantles, spring cleaning keeps creeping further up on everyone's to-do list.  

Cleaning and organizing your entire house can seem a little daunting after the cold winter months. Not to worry, we've got you covered. To make things a little easier, we've complied a three-step spring cleaning guide: The Three D's of Spring Cleaning. 

1. Declutter

Throwing things away: a hoarder's worst nightmare, but it's a necessity. If you don't absolutely need it, if you don't have room for it, if you can't afford it - get rid of it. Sell it or donate it to your local Goodwill. In a month, you won't miss it. 

2. Dust

This one's a bit all encompassing. When we say dust, what we really mean is: dust, disinfect, wipe down, vacuum, wash... Please feel free to insert any cleaning verb you want. Now that you have less clutter in the way, you should immediately notice how much easier it is to clean your house. 

3. Deodorize 

This last step is the easiest and the most gratifying of the three. After all the hard work and your home is finally clean, it's time to add the finishing touch. Light your favorite, clean smelling candle and relax. You've earned it!

Have any spring cleaning tips to share? Feel free to comment below!

Happy cleaning!


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