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    Colonial Candle Blog — Father's Day

    Dad Jokes: The Best One Liners for Father's Day

    The corniest dad jokes for Father's Day

    Ahhh, laughter - the world's greatest medicine! It puts grins on faces, relieves stress and some say it even cures cancer. It's so powerful just the thought of laughing makes you feel better. 

    It's such an essential part of life, you really can't have enough. From the time we first learn to speak, laughter becomes a fundamental cornerstone of life and strengthens bonds between families and friends. It shapes your sense of humor and even your personality. 

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    A Bit of Father's Day Trivia

    A Bit of Father's Day Trivia
    Circle the date Sunday, June 18th on your calendars, Father's Day is coming up. This upcoming Sunday is a golden opportunity to spoil the men in our lives. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for dad, we're a little biased - obviously, your first choice should be our extremely popular Mahogany Leather candle.

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