12" Wedgewood Handipt Taper, 12 Pack

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A refined and rich blue, our unscented Wedgewood taper candles bring a breath of fresh air to your home décor. These twelve-inch candles are hand dipped, virtually drip free, and have a burn time of up to ten hours each.

  • Our rich blue unscented Wedgewood taper candles are hand dipped, with a virtually drip-free burn time of up to ten hours each.
  • COMPLIMENT ANY OCASSION | These taper candles feature an elegant design that is suitable for parties, weddings, and holiday dinners, these candle sticks are perfect in setting an elegant vibe and complements almost any decor.
  • HAND-DIPPED | Hand-dipped to ensure quality and create a nostalgic feel. These tapers create a warm glow in every space.
  • WEDGEWOOD BLUE | The classic blue color adds sophistication to your home decor.
  • BURN | Made with high quality wax to create a smooth, clean, virtually drip-free experience with a burn time of up to ten hours each. These cotton wick tapers produces a clean burn, producing hardly any soot.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | Carefully produced to give you the best experience with your candle. Each package contains twelve taper candles, proudly poured in the USA.

  • For more than a century, Colonial Candles have sparked joy, created memories and established cozy corners in homes across America. We take pride in our history and look forward to moving into the future with the same values we started with – a dedication to our customers and the spaces where they live. We take pride in creating fragrances that add to joyful family moments, harken back to happy times and create relaxing and welcoming environments in your home.

    Customer Reviews

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    Unrequica Thornton

    12", Handipt Colonial Candle Taper, Unscented, Wedgewood, Pack of 12

    Elizabeth McQuaid
    Great color

    Absolutely love the wedgewood blue color.

    Thomas S Harmon

    These were a gift

    Nancy Kruchko
    Wedgewood candles

    Great color! Thank you!

    These candle are amazing , the

    These candle are amazing , they burn for along time and the wax doesnt drip much , I love these candles!! I highly reccomend the Wedgewood Taper Candle , I will definitely buy the quality is amazing !!

    They look like they are very e

    They look like they are very expensive and look amazing in my candle holders. They burn slowly, and evenly, which I like. I would recommend them to anyone. So glad I received them. All around great product.

    Nice candles that smell and lo

    Nice candles that smell and look beautiful. They are blue so it fit in well with decor and theme. They did not burn fast like some candles but were at a good pace. The smell was not overpowering also.

    These candles do not drip! The

    These candles do not drip! The color is beautiful.it give a good odor perfect for a romantic dinner not easy to fine in stores long lasting good for family ocasion it last like a haur to burn half oh the candle

    This is the most beautiful col

    This is the most beautiful color blue - sophisticated and classic. They burn beautifully - extremely high quality. They seem to burn very slowly and wax isn't spilling all over the place. I would highly recommend these!

    These are awesome candles.....

    These are awesome candles.....first of all, I love the blue color. It matches perfectly with the neutral decor in our main living room. Its a lighter blue, but it pairs well with lots of colors! The candles are sturdy, thick, and they have a riveted bottom in order to stay still when inserted into the candle holder. I can use these blue colored candles for every season. They have a soft coconut smell, which I also love about these. Buy these candles, you wont be disappointed!!!!