Turbinado Mint Leaf Candle, Pop of Color Collection, 14.5 oz


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Wintery fresh peppermint and spearmint blend for a cool burst of fragrance. Notes of vanilla bean and musk add a layer of creaminess to the sharp mint for a snowy fresh aroma. Turbinado Mint Leaf is a modern fresh fragrance for the holidays. Poured into a vibrant turquoise jar and topped with an inset gold lid, this statement piece from the Pop of Color collection is a must have for the season. Premium fragrance is in each candle for the perfect burn. Three cotton wicks ensure this fragranced jar candle burns evenly and distributes fragrances around your room.

  • Turbinado Mint Leaf is a winter mint blend perfect for welcoming the cold weather! The Pop of Color collection by Colonial Candle brings vibrant painted jars with sleek gold lids in the sesaons best colors. Packed with fragrance in each candle, these are the perfect addition to your home or as a gift.
  • COOL | Citrus and peppermint blend for a fresh wintery fragrance that will warm your house with its chilly, delicious notes. Spearmint and vanilla bean round out this sharp fragrance.
  • TURQUOISE | An unusual burst of vibrant blue, this jar is an electric joy to spice up your modern holiday décor. Filled with fresh mint, spearmint, and vanilla bean fragrance, this is a burst of creamy winter freshness.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top: Citrus, Peppermint, Spearmint Middle: Jasmine, Rose petals, Gardenia Base: Vanilla bean, Musk
  • BURN | Each candle features three premium cotton wicks, with our soy wax blend that is finely mixed with beautiful fragrance for a superior aroma and burn experience.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This premium 14.5 ounce candle that is proudly poured in the USA

  • Pop of Color brings a fun burst of color and fragrance into your home to set the tone for all occasions! The perfect gift or splurge for yourself, this collection by Colonial Candle features premium fragrances in designer décor colored jars.

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    Laura Novotny

    I love this scent!

    Jane Holweck
    VS very special

    Enjoying it every evening with its aroma filling the room. Lv the color of the container when lit.

    eva ellis

    Pop of Color Scented Jar Candle, Turbindo Leaf, 14.5 oz, Single

    Edward Perry
    Great candles

    Smell great