Pop of Color Scented Jar Candle, Pink Pepper Passionfruit, 14.5 oz, Single


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Fragrance Name: Pink Pepper Passionfruit

  • Pink Pepper Passionfruit

Size: 14.5 oz

  • 14.5 oz
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An unexpected combination of pink pepper, fruit cocktail and crisp pear makes Pink Pepper Passionfruit a wonderfully rare scent. This premium cotton three-wick scented candle is paired with a round matte red jar and topped with a beautiful gold lid.

  • SPICY | Pink pepper pairs perfectly with sweeter scents to add a pop of boldness to any room in your home.
  • FRUITY | Passionfruit and pear add a sweet note to the spicy nature of this scent.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top Notes: spicy pink pepper Middle Notes: tropical passionfruit Base Notes: sliced summer pear
  • BURN | Our Pink Pepper Passionfruit soy wax blend features three premium cotton wicks, to ensure a more even burn.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 14.5 oz. candle from the Pop of Color collection by Colonial Candle is proudly poured in the USA.

  • Like the pop art that inspired it, our Pop of Color collection is bold, playful and adds color to everyday life. The flashy gold lid and vivid jars create an eye-catching piece of art that bursts to life to brighten your home. The bright colors translate into bright fragrances, like grapefruit, ginger and pink pepper, that leap forward to make a statement. This collection doesn’t take itself seriously; it’s art you can have fun with, art that shouts out who you are. Let your space pop to life with the fun and playful scents of our Pop of Color collection.

    Customer Reviews

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    Pink Pepper Pasionfruit

    The title of the candle sums it up and what an extraordinary wonderful scent. Not wimpy and weak. It is strong and wonderful. it's the best!

    Great smell

    This is one of the best candles that I have ever used. It smells so good, and the fragrance lasts for hours! I used it on Christmas Eve and I got so many compliments on it. I will definitely be purchasing more of theses candles as I was very impressed.

    smells awesome

    This is my first time using a candle from this brand. I have no idea this scent combination would smell awesome like this. The scent fills my living room and it lasted a long time after I turned off the flame. It did not burn fast as compared to my favorite candle brand which for me is its strong point. This means it will last longer and will be enjoyed longer. The candle jar design looks elegant and I would love it displayed. I particularly like the frosted glass finish, and the gold lid. I have been thinking about how to describe the scent but it smells like a pomegranate drink I had before, it smells sweet but not overpowering. It smells like a spa or an expensive hotel lobby.

    Nice candle

    The candle smells good, but it is not my favorite scent. However, the throw is great and it is a very pretty candle. I would recommend it if you like the scent. I think it is a good product and it would be a nice gift.

    Pleasantly Surprised.

    I LOVE this candle. I was a little worried I wouldn't like it going by the name but its wonderful! It has a wonderful fruity scent to it with just a small hit of pepper and fills the room in a short amount of time. It has burned evenly and I have enjoyed several hours of burn time from it so far. It has 3 wicks which I prefer and the throw it puts out is great. The candle itself has an elegant look to it. It is a pretty pinkish red and has a pretty gold lid that comes with it.

    Great candle!

    This candle was pleasantly surprising! I smelled it before I lit it and I felt the smell wasnt as strong as Id like, but once I lit it and it burned for awhile it it was surprising how much scent it put out! It wasnt overpowering but it was more than I expected. This candle smells really good too.

    Love it!!!

    I received this 3 wick candle and absolutely love it!!! The smell is not overbearing and makes the house smell terrific!! The 3 wicks help burn all the wax, which makes the candle last longer! No wax goes to waste! The gold cover makes the candle look elegant and helps put out the candle when I'm done burning it. I would definitely recommend this product

    Beautiful Smelling Candle

    I have been using this candle for a week now and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! It has this beautiful sweet smell with a slight hint of pepper. The pepper scent is not overpowering at all, you know it's there but it blends in so well with the passion fruit. This is not for a real big room but in the bathroom or a average size bedroom it covers the whole room. It comes in a really pretty red colored glass holder and it has three wicks which I love because it gives off the best scent.

    Love this candle

    I wasn't sure about this candle from the scent name, but it has a nice fruity scent. It's not an overly sweet scent, but more fruity. The candle is nice quality. It has three wicks and it burns evenly. I only needed to burn it for a few hours to get the scent throughout my house. I've been very pleased with this candle, from the quality to the scent and would recommend it to others.

    and this after the opening :