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Dinner Candles

A glowing history of American made dinner candles.

An elegant and sophisticated piece, our dinner candles come in two stylish formats. The Classic dinner candles flaunt a bevelled base for stability and can fit any taper holders. The Handipt™ taper candles are sleek, all tapered.

These taper candles feature an elegant design that complements almost any décor on any occasion be it parties, weddings, and family dinners, and are perfect in setting an elegant vibe!


Colonial Candle® Classic Fragrances

For more than a century, the Colonial Candle® has dedicated itself to crafting distinct fragrances for its customers. These enduring formulas have brought joy and delight to countless American households, cherished by women of every age. Our diverse range includes numerous timeless scents available in various collections and formats.

With the arrival of spring, we invite you to experience the essence of renewal and rejuvenation, captured in every candle we produce. Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of Mabel Baker and the timeless beauty of Colonial Candle® as we continue to illuminate homes with warmth and fragrance.

Top Recommendations: Cucumber Melon, Strawberry Rhubarb, French Lavender, Watermelon Lemonade

1909 Premium Gift Candles

The 1909 Collection evokes the light of luxury through the artistry of fragrance. Warm, comforting fragrances to luscious, extraordinary aromas will transport you to different destinations with each light of a wick. Infused with essential oils and highly concentrated fragrances for a premium experience.

These meticulously crafted candles poured into delicately sprayed jars are paired with elegant labels and shipped in a simple, sophisticated box. A perfect gift for the most important people in our lives!

Our recommendations: Sandalwood & Saffron, Mahogany & Tobacco Leaf, Gardenia Blush

Colonial Candle® Signature Oval Jars

For decades, the Oval Jar from Colonial Candle® has been bringing joy, lighting up homes and helping to create special memories. The patented oblong glass container and the century old recipe of fragrances sets us apart from other candles companies.

Please join us in celebrating our origins in fine fragrance and bring back the original formulation of your favorite fragrances.

Top Recommendations: Old Fashioned Lemonade, Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb, Holiday Sparkle, Bayberry