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Fresh Shave - Love it! Love it! Love it!

Please never discontinue this fragrance - it is my absolute favorite.

P.S. I never leave reviews, which tells you how sincere I am in my praise. Thank you!

Lovely holiday gift

For years my mom used to give this pair of bayberry candles as a holiday gift to family and friends. It became a tradition that everyone looked forward to. Since my mom passed away, I have continued the tradition, and to this day everyone always tells me how much they love having these as part of their holiday decor. I hope Colonial Candle will continue to offer this very special product.

Ann B.

Cranberry Cosmo Oval Candle

I am very pleased with this purchase. I love the scent.

Merlot Classic Oval

I am very pleased with this purchase. I love the scent. I am hoping you offer this scent in a larger oval candle at some point.


We love this candle so much! Our only complaint is that you can’t purchase a large one!


I was disappointed with the scent of Top Guy candle. I was hoping for more of a musk fragrance.


Both candles are great!

Heaven scent

Slice of heaven
there is no other


I must say I was disappointed in your candle. I have had sandalwood fragrances before and I really liked them. Your candle did not smell like sandalwood. Smelled more like pumpkin spice. My husband didn’t like it either.

Love the candle. Recommend to anybody.


My girlfriend Cooty and I absolutely love these candles! She stole my Warm Beachwood so I will be ordering more ASAP

Great candles

These are very nice candles, not overbearing as far as odor and not smokey.

Beautifully Elegant

These are beautiful, elegant candles that are such a beautiful color‼️

Holiday Sparkle is ALWAYS In Our Home and we love it

We have purchased Holiday Sparkle for years!! We don't use any other candle fragrance and NEVER WILL! It brings all the wonderful scents of CHRISTMAS into our home as well as memories of Christmas past to mind! Our little children excited to know Santa is on his way while watching a Christmas movie until their little eyes close with the hope of a snowy Christmas morning when they can finally open their eyes to experience all the joy that Christmas day brings!

Holiday Sparkle

The aroma is very delightful. I am excited to burn them. I was a little disappointed that one of the candles in this fragrance glass was cracked and I had to throw it out.

The wick is wooden and crackles!

This is my favorite candle - the wick is about 1/2” wide by about 1/16” thick - it crackles magically while burning, and the wick lasts Great for ambience.


This candle has a delightful fragrance. It's just a soft pleasant smell. I've tried several candles and this one is at the top of my list. Janet

not ready

i am not able to post a accurate review due to the fact that I have not received my order yet

Love it

It smells so good , soft and delicate. Im still ordering for so many times. Really love it.

Love it

It’s my favorite candle for now. Really love it. Smells nice very soft and delicate . And Im still ordering for so many times.


I've ordered before and the fragrances are great! I give them as gifts and they're well received. Prices are great. I'll continue to buy.

Wonderful fragrance, great price

I am a woman who loves male fragrances. These candles are top-notch. Try to buy the ones with the “specialty wicks” (about 1/2” wide wooden wicks). They crackle wonderfully while burning.


I've previously purchased from MI and I love all the fragrances. I also purchased for gifts and it's easy!

Classic Collection, Oak Barrel, 16.5 oz

Tibetan sandalwood

A wonderful scent that both my husband and I enjoy