12" White Classic Taper, 12 Pack

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An elegant and sophisticated color, our White taper candles bring a breath of fresh air to your home décor. These twelve-inch candles have a bevelledbase to provide stability and support needed for most taper holders, are virtually drip free, and have a burn time of up to ten hours each.

  • Our bright and refined twelve-inch White classic taper candles have a virtually drip-free burn time of up to ten hours each.
  • COMPLIMENT ANY OCASSION | These taper candles feature an elegant design that is suitable for parties, weddings, and holiday dinners, these candle sticks are perfect in setting an elegant vibe and complements almost any decor.
  • CLASSIC | The bevelledbase provides stability and support needed for most taper holders. These tapers create a warm glow in every space.
  • WHITE | An elegant and neutral color that will create a tablescape or vignette that will make your guests feel like royalty.
  • BURN | Made with high quality wax to create a smooth, clean, virtually drip-free experience with a burn time of up to ten hours each. These cotton wick tapers produces a clean burn, producing hardly any soot.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | Carefully produced to give you the best experience with your candle. Each package contains twelve taper candles, proudly poured in the USA.

  • For more than a century, Colonial Candles have sparked joy, created memories and established cozy corners in homes across America. We take pride in our history and look forward to moving into the future with the same values we started with – a dedication to our customers and the spaces where they live. We take pride in creating fragrances that add to joyful family moments, harken back to happy times and create relaxing and welcoming environments in your home.

    Customer Reviews

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    Susan Morris

    12" White Classic Taper, 12 Pack

    Best candles

    I use these on my table, and my mother always used these fine 12 inch white tapers candles in our rather formal candelabra for display (when not lit) and on holidays (lit). There used to be a local shop that carried them, but they got a bit expensive for most people and no longer carry. Was glad to find these online and with a coupon. They came very well packed and I look forward to continue using. Like all candles they do drip, but nothing like other, cheaper candles drip. The best!!!

    Anita Hartmann

    Exactly what I had hoped for

    Eileen Kleinick
    Best Candles till the last drop

    I love colonial tappers because they are dripless and burn perfect to the last drop of wax. Colours are beautiful and elegant

    Daniel Mikesell
    Unscented Candles

    Love the classic look of these candles, very well designed for the brass candlesticks on our communion table. PLUS, we like the unscented candle for the sake of congregants who have allergies.

    marshall goldin
    Ambiance provider

    Use Colonial candles at dinner almost every day to provide perfect ambiance, especially with guests.

    Susan Moore
    Beautiful Candles!

    I purchase these candles for our church. They are the perfect touch of class & dignity. They burn so slowly and last a very long time. Our paraments are shiny brass and the Colonial Candle emblem on each candle just adds that much more beauty to the overall effect.

    Marcella Askin
    Love the candles

    For years I have been buying the Classic White 12" Tapers for our worship services. They are lovely candles that burn slowly and evenly without wax dripping all over the altar clothes. They are great candles and I recommend them highly! Although in my last order I had four broken candles which I hope you will please replace for me. Thank you.

    Howard Johnson

    We love the Classic Tapers and use three colors throughout the apartment, Black, Red, and White. They are elegant and timeless.

    Nolan Allen

    I’ve used many different brands of candles yet nothing approaches the quality of your great candles. Thanks