10" Bayberry Scented Taper, 2 Pack

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Our eight-ounce Bayberry scented candle is a winter blend of fresh bayberries, pine, and floral notes. With a natural and outdoorsy scent, it creates an inviting and fresh atmosphere. These ten-inch candles are hand dipped, virtually drip free, and have a burn time of up to eight hours each.

  • Our crisp and traditional eight-inch Bayberry taper candles are hand dipped, with a virtually drip-free burn time of up to eight hours each.
  • COMPLIMENT ANY OCASSION | These taper candles feature an elegant design that is suitable for parties, weddings, and holiday dinners, these candle sticks are perfect in setting an elegant vibe and complements almost any decor.
  • HAND-DIPPED | Hand-dipped to ensure quality and create a nostalgic feel. These tapers create a warm glow in every space.
  • BAYBERRY | A classic New England holiday scent, bayberries and other fruits combine with pine, citrus and vanilla.
  • BURN | Made with high quality wax to create a smooth, clean, virtually drip-free experience with a burn time of up to eight hours each. These cotton wick tapers produces a clean burn, producing hardly any soot.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | Carefully produced to give you the best experience with your candle. Each package contains twelve taper candles, proudly poured in the USA.

  • For more than a century, Colonial Candles have sparked joy, created memories and established cozy corners in homes across America. We take pride in our history and look forward to moving into the future with the same values we started with – a dedication to our customers and the spaces where they live. We take pride in creating fragrances that add to joyful family moments, harken back to happy times and create relaxing and welcoming environments in your home.

    Customer Reviews

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    Heather Doyle
    Lovely item. Made a great gift

    Love the nostalgia, excellent quality !

    Helene Burrowes
    Love Bayberry

    Love Bayberry candles, only wish you would go back to making the smaller ones and tea candles.

    Suzanne Bonilla
    Bayberry candles on Christmas Eve.

    Bayberry Candles have been burned on Christmas Eve since I can remember. Now my oldest daughter also burns them on Christmas Eve.

    What a wonderful family tradition! So happy to be a part of it. Enjoy your candles!

    Terri Neidigh
    Bayberry 10” candle

    Great smelling candles, tradition our family uses every year for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to light a bayberry candle before we go to bed. Best smelling of all candles we have used in the past. This will be the ones we will be getting from now on.

    What a wonderful tradition, Terri! So glad you enjoy




    I only buy from Colonial Candle and my repeat purchase is always the Bayberry Tapers. Burning Bayberry candles on Christmas Eve/Day is a century + tradition in my family and I have past this on to my younger friends along with candles from only Colonial Candle Co! Keep up the GREAT work and the Phenomenal Product

    Emily Capella
    Love the candles.

    Nice style and beautiful fragrance. They remind me of candles my mother always used.

    Marie Fox

    Love them

    James Spina
    Bayberry Forever!

    We have had Colonial Candle’s Bayberry candles in my home since I was a child and I’m retirement age now. Tapers, pillars and oil are beyond compare. Please don’t let this incredible scent fade away.

    Kim Carroll
    Love these quality candles

    Had a really difficult time finding true bayberry candles like this anywhere before Christmas. My mother always burned one on New Years eve for good luck. A little late for last year but I will use these for next new years eve. They smell great.