Mother, Maa, Madre, and Mama are universally recognized terms of endearment for mothers across the globe. This simple word encapsulates profound emotions of love, validation, sacrifice, and care, devoid of pretense. Through moments of triumph, despair, and every challenge in between, the presence of our mothers remains constant.

Origin of Mother's Day

While we hold our mothers in high esteem throughout our lives, it is essential to designate a special day to express our gratitude. In 1908, Anna Jarvis initiated a tradition to honor her deceased mother alongside other mothers in her community. This sincere act prompted President Woodrow Wilson to officially declare Mother's Day a national holiday in 1914, honoring the care, love, and sacrifices of mothers. Since then, the second Sunday of May has emerged as the widely accepted Mother's Day globally.

Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Finding the perfect gift for Mother's Day can be challenging. Let us explore the options:

  1. Candles: Candles make a wonderful gift for mothers of any age. Not only do they have an amazing aroma, but they also possess scents that can trigger memories or uplift her mood. Do not forget to include a special message to bring back fond memories.
  2. Flowers and Greeting Cards: A bouquet, a single carnation, or something personally picked from the garden, accompanied by a personalized note, can convey your love and appreciation. Handmade or store-bought greeting cards are a thoughtful way to express your feelings.
  3. Special Outings: Treat Mom to a lunch or dinner outing or organize a picnic with her favorite ones. The beautiful May weather will complement the occasion perfectly. If she enjoys gardening, consider taking her to a botanical garden or spending the day doing gardening chores together. The sapling you plant together can serve as a lasting memory.
  4. Gifts or Gift Cards: If you know her preferences, you can always buy her a gift or gift card from her favorite store. Alternatively, if your mom is like mine, she might prefer to arrange her gift and send you the bill! Make sure to express gratitude for her hard work by creating an intricate handmade greeting card with your children.
  5. Help with the To-Do list: Another idea is to help Mom with tasks on her to-do list. It may not be the most exciting gift, but completing plumbing, woodwork, or other household chores can be fruitful and meaningful.
  6. Breakfast in Bed: Pamper her with breakfast in bed and arrange for her to spend quality time with her girlfriends for heartfelt conversations. Just be prepared—most moms end up talking about their kids!
  7. Quality Time: As mothers age, spending time with loved ones becomes increasingly important to them. Cherish these moments by spending the day with her, creating precious memories she will treasure forever.

Choosing Candles That Match Mom's Personality

At Colonial Candle®, we have taken extra consideration to find the ideal candle choices for mothers based on their unique personalities. Each of these candle fragrances is carefully selected by us to complement their interests and preferences and provide a tailored sensory experience.


The Fashionista Mom: A stylish mother who keeps up with the latest fashion trends and expresses herself through clothing and accessories. She will adore our Cherry Blossom candle, offering an elegant and sophisticated fragrance with a feminine touch, perfect for adding a trendy and versatile ambiance. In addition, our Cozy Cashmere fragrance candle presents creamy aromas of vanilla orchid and coconut intermingled with sandalwood and musk, providing a dynamic and luxurious experience.


The Culinary Mom: A mom who loves cooking and creating inviting culinary experiences. She will appreciate warm Cinnamon, refreshing Apple, or spicy Basil fragrances which can enhance the comforting ambiance of her kitchen and complement her culinary adventures with a touch of warmth and nostalgia.



Nature-Loving Mom: Enthusiastic about the outdoors, she will be drawn to our herbal fragrances like Green Leaf & Hemp which can invoke earthy and forest-inspired scents, as well as Eucalyptus and Mint candles, offering a clean and revitalizing aroma reminiscent of fresh nature.



Tech-Savvy Mom: Embracing technology while seeking tranquility, she will enjoy our Ocean Breeze candle for a calming and serene vibe, providing a sense of calmness amidst digital life. Additionally, our Green Tea and Citrus fragrance offers a balanced scent that soothes the body and clarifies the mind, transforming her room/office into a relaxing retreat.



Zen Mom: Seeking relaxation and calmness, she will find solace in our Lavender candle or our Sandalwood candle. It will generate a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a hectic day.




Artsy Mom: Fueled by creativity, she will be inspired by fragrances like Black Tea Flora, featuring bright notes of red berries and pomegranate blended with rose petals. She might like Golden Amber, a luxurious fragrance that spreads warmth, excites the senses, and clears out negativity with its lavish yet not overwhelming aroma.



Bookworm Mom: Indulging in literary escapes, she will be drawn to fragrances like Leather and Smoked Hinoki Wood, offering a deep and complex scent reminiscent of a well-loved book, or Nutmeg Chai Latte, providing warm and comforting notes perfect for cozying up with a delightful read.



Fitness Enthusiast Mom: Prioritizing health and wellness, she will appreciate calming scents like Eucalyptus and Sage, creating a relaxing vibe, or Lemon Drop, with its freshly squeezed lemons paired with mint sprig and chilled vodka making for the perfect summer cocktail & scent! A modern and sophisticated fragrance ideal for enhancing her active lifestyle.



DIY/Crafty Mom: Fueled by creativity, she will enjoy fragrances like Coconut Milk and Lychee, promoting relaxation with every burn, or Crisp Grapefruit and Citrus, offering a fresh and modern scent that inspires creativity and imagination during her crafting sessions.




Sentimental Mom: Cherishing memories and moments, she will be touched by fragrances like Pumpkin Shortbread and Caramel, evoking nostalgic scents of holiday treats, or Vanilla Buttercream, providing a comforting and calming atmosphere for reflection and memories.



I am sending my mom a Basil candle and a Nutmeg Chai Latte Candle—I am sure she will love them. Also, I have told my teen daughter to get me a Cherry Blossom Candle with a personalized note. I have promised to act surprised on Mother’s Day in front of both of my daughters, especially knowing my 3-year-old will copy me all day. I am so excited!

Please share with us which personality mix your mother is and what you got her for this year's Mother’s Day. Or if you are a mother like me, how do you like to celebrate this special day? We would love to hear your stories!

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