Displaying our  high-quality taper candles with taper candle holders offers a world of possibilities in home decoration. Whether you’re decorating for the holiday season or hosting a special occasion, your taper candle display will make a lasting impression - especially when paired with the right candle holders.

Not familiar with taper candles? Let’s change that!  Taper candles, otherwise known as candlesticks are known for their  slender, cylindrical form that  gets thinner towards the top. Check out our taper candle blog to learn even more about them and how to decorate with taper candles in your home.

To give you some inspiration for decorating your home with tapers , let’s take a look  at the Colonial Candle Taper Candle selection and how to pair them with candle holders accordingly. 

Taper Candle Holders

Candle holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made with different materials from glass to metal and even crystal. Our Classic Taper Candles are made with a bevelled base to ensure the candles stand straight in your candle holder. Whether you’re decorating with a dramatic candelabra or a simple, minimalist stand, our candles will suit any candle holder you have in mind. 

Timeless Classics

Bright White Taper Candles

Sometimes, all you need is a set of Bright White Taper Candles to bring a sense of classic refinement to your home. A white taper candle pairs well with any decor effortlessly and can be combined with modern or traditional taper  candle holders. We recommend a polished silver candle holder to emphasize elevated simplicity.

Terra Cotta Taper Candles

For a contemporary home that features neutral white and gray tones, we recommend  our Terra Cotta Taper Candles for a warm, homey accent. A warm, terra cotta tone brings a candle holder for this shade of taper is one that matches that handmade sensibility. To set a more organic tone, we recommend clay candle holders that highlight the natural shade of the candles.Into retro seventies decor? Try these tapers with gold taper candle holders for a hint of vintage.

Limoncello colored CandlesSpring and Summer Decor 

Think taper candles are only for festive holiday occasions? Think again. Taper candles are appropriate for any time of year and can be used casually or formally. 

Imagine hosting a summer dinner under the stars with your friends.  You’ve created a beautiful tablescape with vibrant dishware and beautiful floral accents. The sun slowly sets and it’s time to bring out the candles!

These 8” Limoncello colored Candles are perfect for summer occasions. With a 12 pack of these candles, you can fill your entire table with candlelight and dazzle your guests with your exquisite taste in home decor. We recommend a  white porcelain or ceramic taper candle holders for our Limoncello Taper Candles.

Coastal Blue Classic Tapers

Does your home look like a coastal getaway?  No candle pairs better with seaside decor like wicker baskets and linen tablecloths than our  Coastal Blue Classic Tapers. Pair them with a silver or white holder set to elevate their subdued refinement.

Willow Green Tapers

When the leaves on the trees turn green and the feeling of spring is in the air, bring springtime inside with our Willow Green Tapers. Best paired with simple holders like their coastal blue cousins, you owe it to these candles to let their colors be eye-catching on their own.

For When the Leaves are Falling

Pumpkin Taper Candles

When the leaves start to fall and the days get shorter, it’s time for pumpkin season! These Pumpkin Taper Candles  are unscented but bring a pop of orange to your fall decor. When it comes to autumn decorating, we say the more ornate taper candle holders the better. Bring out seasonal candle holders in shades of bronze and gold to elevate your candles and complement their vibrant shade.

Deep Mulberry Tapers

For an elevated seasonal touch, these Deep Mulberry Tapers bring a luxurious feeling to your autumn decor. Perfect for hosting thanksgiving dinner or adding an accent to your mantle during the colder months. We recommend pairing these gorgeous candles with metallic candle holders in shades of silver and brass .

Festive Candlelight

There is a reason we associate candles so strongly with the holiday season. No moment is more nostalgic and suited for  candlelight than time spent with family and friends to celebrate. When it’s cold outside and you just want to cozy up with a blanket, candles bring warmth, light, and comfort to your space.

 Evergreen Taper Candles

The Colonial Candle classic Hand-dipped Evergreen Taper Candles  are a timeless addition to your holiday decor. Paired with silver or gold candle holders with hints of holly on your mandle, these taper candles bring a whole new meaning to holiday decorating.

For hosting holiday occassions, these Bold Metallic Red Candles bring a touch of glamour to your event. These candles don’t just carry a flame, but reflect all the light around them to cast a sparkly, warm glow all around you and your loved ones. They are ideal in polished taper candle holders that match their colorful incandescence.

Advent Taper Candles

Pass on Christmas traditions with our Advent Taper Candles. The candles in this set, three purple and one pink, represent the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. Use these Advent Candles with a spruce Advent Wreath or a gold, rounded candle holder and place them in the center of your table so your family can light these candles together each day as you wait for Christmas morning.

There’s No Limit to Decorating with Taper Candles 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our suggestions for pairing our timeless taper candles with complementary  candle holders. Remember, there’s never a bad time to add a hint of Colonial Candle Tapers to your home decor, especially when it shows off your personal taste with a bit of flair! 

Discover our taper candle selection today and experience what a difference a little candlelight can make!

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