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Spooky Woods Candle, Haunted Collection, 14.5 oz

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A ghostly greeting deep from the eerie shadows, the Haunted Collection is a chilling Halloween treat.

About The Fragrance:

Experience the perfect chilling fall night from the comfort of your home with Spooky Woods. This Halloween candle is the perfect addition to your home decor.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Woodsmoke, Red Fruit, Warm Spices
  • Middle Notes: Pine Needles, Toasted Marshmallow
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Turbinado Sugar
  • About The Product:

    An eerie, yet welcoming scent. Spooky Woods is inspired by a bonfire night with a mysterious chill in the air. With notes of woodsmoke, toasted marshmallow and pine needles this fragrance is sure to bring the outdoors inside your home. The sandalwood finish settles the spooks of the fragrance and adds some comfort in the air. This perfect fall night is trapped in a gory red wax, wrapped in a grim label and closed with a cobweb lid. This candle will be the perfect addition to your haunted house decor!

  • WOODS | This woodsy gourmet fragrance sets the tone for a perfect autumn night. The trace of roasted marshmallows filter through tall pine trees creating a delightful aroma with every burn.
  • This scent is woodsy with creamy toasted marshmallow, making the perfect pair. This candle is packed with the perfect bonfire night.
  • BURN | Featuring 3 premium cotton wicks, the Haunted Collection is sure to bring some spooky sparks into your home.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 14.5-ounce candle from the Haunted Collection is proudly poured in the USA.
  • About The Collection:

    Bring in the spookiness of the Halloween season with the Haunted Collection. Inspired by eerie places with mysterious fragrance to match the mood. A fun gift or perfect splurge to add to your home decor this fall season!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Jocelyn Chabot
    A ghostly scent

    This lightly scented candle has become our favorite, filling the house w/a spooky aroma that is not overpowering.

    James Gallimore
    My personal favorite!!

    Halloween is my favorite holiday and the Spooky Woods candle goes great with all of my decorations! The label has a cute Halloween scene on it too. I have used this candle multiple times already and there is still half of the candle left. I like that colonial candles burn slowly so I can enjoy the awesome scents longer.

    Smells so good

    Reminds me of crisp, autumn nights in the woods. Hints of pine. Love the spooky haunted house design.

    Marty Adams
    My review

    The candles themselves are nice , scent very pleasing. However one jar was cracked in spots, fortunately the wrap on the jar keeps it intact. Not going through the process of returning it. Not sure when the breakage happened at the factory or in shipping.

    Samantha Christie
    The Spookiness I love!!!!

    Spooky Woods has become my absolute favorite candle, it has a low key earthy robust scent that isn't overwhelming to the senses. It smells fabulous and fills my house with the most inviting spooky scent. The candle design is a perfect key piece for any Halloween and Fall lover, this high value candle not only stands out with scent quality but design also.

    Sheryl Williams

    Getting a lot of cherry candy first and foremost. Almost bordering on cherry cough syrup or cough drops. Some marshmallow, a little woods and pine in the background. I’m getting a suntanning oil type scent, too. This fragrance is the least Halloweenish of the Haunted Collection, in my opinion. It’s not unpleasant to my senses, though.

    Amber Beeler
    Cute candle

    I love this Spooky Woods candle that is part of the Haunted Collection. The spider web design on the lid is so cute!! And I really like the scent of this candle, it is unique. The sandalwood and toasted marshmallow and pine come together very nicely. I love that it is a 3 wick candle and that it doesn't burn up or melt too fast. Definitely recommend this candle if you're looking for some cute Halloween decor that also smells great!!

    Ann Sakolsky
    Smells amazing

    You won’t be disappointed, this candle smells amazing. Would highly recommend.

    Tonia Horne
    Spooky Woods

    Perfect candle for home decor for Halloween! I love this collection! It reminds me of marshmallows. If you love Halloween this is a great candle! It smells amazing!!

    Kristie J
    Would definitely recommend this one!

    I would absolutely recommend the spooky woods candle as I absolutely LOVE the scent, it's a very inviting, unique, fun scent! Something else I admire about this candle is the overall appearance of it, which in my opinion is awesome, it has a spooky halloween themed label with a haunted house and trees and has a nice vibrant red candle color base that features 3 wicks and that is something that I also particularly love about this candle! Overall this is one I'd buy again!