Manly Indulgence Scented Candles

Bold fragrance for the modern individual.

MI Signature Collection

The Signature Collection by Manly Indulgence is inspired by traditionally masculine fragrances that combine with fresh, organic elements. Featuring wooden wicks and matching wooden lids, the Signature collection is as unique as you are.|

MI Classic Collection

The Classic Collection combines bold masculine fragrance with florals, herbs, and fruits to make a truly dynamic fragrance experience. Raw, fresh fragrance combines with playful personas to represent your own personal style. Classically styled matte black jars with black lids compliment these compelling fragrances.

MI All American

Classic masculine fragrances for everyone inspired by vintage Americana. Sprayed in five different matte colors paired with unique labels.

MI Contemporary Collection

The Contemporary Collection by Manly Indulgence is inspired by men's personal care, taking a cue from simple, clean, and bright fragrance and design to further your wellbeing.

MI Sophisticated Collection

The Sophisticated Collection features masculine fragrance poured in a luxury level of fragrance load, poured in polished tall painted glass jars for a statuesque look. Sprayed in five different colors with a touch of gloss, these are paired with monochromatic labels indicative of a polished men's suit.

MI Rebel Collection

The Rebel Collection combines herbs and spices for a totally unique fragrance experience. Sprayed in smoky transparent colors with torn style labels. Inspired by alternative remedies and aromas, this collection is unapologetically cool.

MI Adventure Collection

The Adventure Collection combines dynamic fragrance inspired by nature to transport you the great outdoors. These masculine candles are poured into a decidedly cool can shaped jar, sprayed in bold colors and topped with an inset wood lid, the Adventure collection takes you on an exciting expedition.