Cheviot Birch Candle, Manly Indulgence Sophisticated Collection, 22 oz

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Add a touch of sophistication to any space. Cheviot Birch is a heady mix of cedarwood, herbs, sage, finished with a touch of citrus. This premium fragrance is poured into a premium painted jar, topped with a gold lid, and a long line label indicative of a beautiful tie.

  • CHEVIOT | Polished as an elegant tie, Cheviot Birch elevates your senses with peppercorn, herbs, and a touch of wood aromas. Notes of cedarwood and vetiver with a touch of citrus make for a worldly refinement.
  • CEDARWOOD | Like fine cheviot wool, this fragrance is both soft and crisp. Fresh herbal notes with earthy cedarwood topped with light citrus and sage for a woodsy yet unique aroma.
  • FRAGRANCE | T: Citrus, Peppercorn, Sage M: Herbal, Cedarwood, Vetiver B: Moss, Wood, Musk
  • BURN | Featuring two premium cotton wicks, this soy wax blend candle is blended with premium fragrance in a luxury percentage for an elevated experience.
  • POURED WITH CARE | This 22 ounce candle from the Sophisticated Collection by Manly Indugence is carefully crafted in the USA.

  • The Sophisticated Collection by Manly Indulgence features bold masculine fragrance poured in a luxury level of fragrance load, poured in polished tall painted glass jars for a statuesque look. Sprayed in five different colors with a touch of gloss, these are paired with monochromatic labels indicative of a polished men's suit.

    Customer Reviews

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    Cheviot Birch a winner.

    I have enjoyed this candle for one simple reason - potency. Some of the other candles were nowhere near as strong as I remember from previous orders - the beer can shaped candles were, quite frankly, disappointing. But the Cheviot Birch candle smells great and is very strong - which I love. I will order the Gray Tweed candle next month, as it is more to my personal liking. I just hope it's as strong as the birch one. Purely from a personal perspective, if you spend 20 - 30 dollars on a candle, it better fill the room with the labeled scent or it's the last time I'll ever buy it.

    Jonny Tieu

    This is by far our favorite candles. We love the selection you carry on your website.


    I love it.

    Ajay Broetje
    Perfect selection for a man!

    This is my third order from colonial candles and they haven’t disappointed me yet. Their candles are perfect even for the manliest men.