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Holiday Traditions

M. Baker Collection

Classic, outdoors inspired fragrances inspired by Colonial Candles founder, Mabel Baker. Each fragrance is loaded with essential oils and draws inspiration from fresh botanicals. See All M. Baker Candles

Classic Cylinders

Classic Colonial Candle home fragrances to burn all year round.*** See All Cylinders***

Pop of Color

Poured into a modern circular jar, the Pop of Color collection is a burst of color and fragrance to match your personality. Add some color into your home decor with the bright jars of Pop of Color. [See All Pop of Color Candles]

Manly Indulgence Sophisticated Collection

Like a finely tailored suit, cultivate a luxurious maculine experience with the Sophisticated Collection.

Manly Indulgence Rebel Collection

Bold fragrances and design, made for the ones that stand out from the crowd. The Rebel Collection, painted in smoky transparent jars, isn't your run of the mill candle.

Wellness Collection

Take the time to treat yourself with the Carolina Wellness Collection. Whether you are looking for soothing scents, uplifting scents, or energizing scents, the Wellness collection has something for everyone. See All Wellness Candles