M. Baker Scented Jar Candle, Small, Cinnamon Bark, 8 oz, Single


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Fragrance Name: Cinnamon Bark

  • Cinnamon Bark

Size: 8 Oz

  • 8 Oz
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Bring the traditional fragrances of the holidays into your home, with vintage allspice, cinnamon bark and orange zest. Simply light this natural soy blend wax candle, poured into a happy red custom apothecary jars and set with a premium cotton wick, to ensure a classic holiday experience.

  • HOLIDAY WARMTH | Allspice and cinnamon bark – with a hint of orange zest – create the ultimate holiday scent, glowing with nostalgia and heartfelt memories.
  • NATURAL | Meticulously considered fragrances, using pure essential oils gathered from natural botanicals, deliver the most authentic and aromatic fragrance possible.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top Notes: orange rind, lemon leaf, cardamom seed Middle Notes: cinnamon bark, nutmeg, clove leaf oil Base Notes: eucalyptus, cedarwood oil, mists of musk
  • BURN | Featuring a premium cotton wick, our Cinnamon Bark soy wax blend has an approximate burn time of 60 hours.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 8 oz. candle from the M. Baker collection by Colonial Candle is proudly poured in the USA.

  • Mabel Baker established her standard of excellence over a century ago when she began making some of the first scented candles of the time. As a strong, self-made woman, she used her dedication for creating high-quality, all-natural candles to found her own company. Inspired by Mabel, our M. Baker collection is authentically crafted from the beginning. We meticulously consider each scent using pure essential oils gathered from natural botanicals to deliver the most authentic and aromatic fragrance possible. Our natural soy blend wax is poured with care into custom apothecary jars and set with two cotton wicks to ensure an experience rich in old world charm. This collection is our homage to the traditions of candle making, steeped through generations to create a classic candle that makes a quietly strong statement.

    Customer Reviews

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    Patricia Ashley

    M. Baker Scented Jar Candle, Small, Cinnamon Bark, 8 oz, Single

    Rob Harrison
    Great sents

    Smells great until it gone.

    Another winner

    Perfectly scented to fill a large open space. Even burning. Great price.

    misty leach

    M. Baker Scented Jar Candle, Small, Cinnamon Bark, 8 oz, Single

    Long lasting.

    I received the 8 oz. Cinnamon Bark scented candle by M. Baker as an item to review. It is a great candle. The smell is strong enough to fill the room but not too strong to be overpowering. I like that it is natural......soy blend with essential oils. It is very long lasting. I have burned the candle for a few hours a day for several days and it is just a little over half gone. I would definitely recommend this candle.

    Great scent throw

    Nice soy candle with a clean burn and good scent throw. The smell spreads but isn't too strong. The jar is beautiful and would be great for reuse. Smells like the holidays with cinnamon and a hint of orange and tree.

    Smells amazing

    I picked out a smell that would remind me of my favorite time of year with hopes of it not being too over powering and I was not disappointed. My husband I took this with us on our anniversary weekend and lit it while in the hotel room. The smell of cinnamon was subtle and soft, but filled our 2 bedroom hotel. The candle burned pretty evenly with out making a large sink hole in the middle.


    I love the smell of cinnamon, and this is candle is absolutely lovely. The scent is one that I enjoy every day, especially as I am using it now during the Christmas season. I like that the candle is a soy wax blend with non-toxic natural essential oils. I also love that the cotton wicks allows the candle to burn evenly, so no big dips in the middle where the liquid wax can spill down into. The blend of cinnamon, orange peel, allspice really puts me in the mood for Christmas and brings back so many happy memories.

    Smells great

    Im always skeptical about candles, because most of them smell great when they arent burning and then smell like nothing when they are. This cinnamon bark candle smells exactly like cinnamon bark when its burning! Its great! I can smell it throughout my kitchen and living room when its burning.

    Smells great

    The M. Baker Cinnamon Bark scented candle smells amazing. I think its a perfect scent for the holidays. I love the red glass jar its in, the color is perfect for holiday decor. The scent is strong but not overpowering. The fragrance lingers and flows throughout my home welcoming the holiday season. It glows beautifully when lit and makes the room feel cozy.

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