Vintage Oak Candle, Manly Indulgence Signature Collection, 15 oz

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The simple elegance of Vintage Oak evokes a blooming freesia plant with clean teak and white cedar. Vintage Oak feels like a spring walk amongst Southern Oak trees with spanish moss daintily trailing in the breeze.

  • Vintage Oak mixes herbs, light florals, and fresh sage for a unique fragrance that feels like springtime in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • BALANCED | Vintage Oak’s sophisticated blend of floral and woody notes are perfectly balanced by sage and bergamot. This light and timeless scent transforms your space into a crisp spring morning.
  • FRESH | Sage works to clear the energy of the room and invites the freshness of freesia, rose, and white cedar to invigorate your senses.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top Notes: Icy Bergamot, Palm Leaf, Lemon, Middle Notes: Freesia, Rose, Sage, Base Notes: Amberwood, Teak, White Cedar
  • Burn | Featuring a high quality wooden wick, this soy wax blend candle has an approximate burn time of 60 hours.
  • Carefully Crafted | This 15-ounce candle from the Signature collection by Manly Indulgence is proudly poured in the USA.

  • The Signature Collection by Manly Indulgence is inspired by traditionally masculine fragrances that combine with fresh, organic elements. This collection explores both edgy and soft aromas for different personalities. Featuring wooden wicks and matching wooden lids, the Signature collection is as unique as you are.

    Customer Reviews

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    Julia White

    Absolutely love these!


    Manly Indulgence Scented Jar Candle, Signature Collection - Vintage Oak, 15 oz - Single

    Beautiful candle!

    I have been burning this candle for a hour at a time and I LOVE it! First, the candle has a beautiful presentation. I love the look of the container it comes in and the nice wood lid. Then you open it up and see that the wick is wood and not the normal one you are used to. I was nervous, but it burns just fine. The scent when you first open it is strong, but when you burn it - the scent is very subtle. It was perfect! It actually crackles when it's lit just like a fire in a fireplace. I absolutely love this candle and will recommend it to everyone!

    Great aroma!!

    I love this candle, the essence is perfect because is not too strong or too sweet but you can still feel it. When you come from outside into the house it make you feel like you arrive home. I love it, I will keep buying it as long as I can find this product.

    Nice aroma!

    The Manly Indulgence Vintage Oak Candle, was a nice piece to add to my collection of candles. The aroma slightly milder than I expected but the fantastic thing about this product is how long it last! Ive lit this candle in comparison to another and this candle has withstood the test of how much would be used over a 24 hour time frame. I was under the impression that the aroma of this candle would be powerful enough to fill the room but I was little disappointed it doesnt. If you stand within a five foot radius you receive this delightful, woody, beautiful scent that I wish was a little more powerful. I would definitely use this in a smaller room like a bathroom after a long day. All in all I would recommend this product to friends and family because of the presentation of the candle. The labeling looks very professional and the one thick wick inside the candle gives it a little bit of individuality when compared with others.

    Great Manly Candle

    After having used this Manly Indulgence candle, my man cave has the aroma of a deep oak forest with other hints men will appreciate and love. It has an innovative wooden wick which helps it burn slowly and carries the scent throughout the room. Even my wife enjoys the scent instead of odd men odors. The packaging is very classy and goes with any decor. Quite impressed by the look of it. Will be buying others in different scents. Recommended.


    My daughter used it and has been looking for others in your line of products. The smell was very nice, it was mellow. It was lite and the flame didn't pop and crack. I like the color of the container. The wood top is also very nice. Thank you.

    Elegant candle

    This is the most elegant looking candle I have ever owned! The wick is an actual wood shaving!! How cool is that!? It puts off a natural aroma and smells nice without being too strong of a scent. I will definitely be getting more of these candles!

    Love the sleek design!

    I absolutely loved this candle. The wood wick just makes it that much better. I don't mind "girly" scents, but my significant other isn't a huge fan, so when I came across this "Manly Indulgence" candle, I had to give it a try ... and he approved! I purchase a lot of candles, and sometimes they only last a day or two after being burned for 8+ hours a day (I work from home and enjoy the scent to last while I work), but this Manly Indulgence candle lasted over a week! I will be purchasing more of these in the near future.

    This is a great all around mood setter

    I got this a month ago and I'm glad I did. I like to burn candles once in a while to help relax but I'm not a big fan of really flowery and overpowering scents. This is a great balance between something a little more relaxing but still strong enough to be pleasant. It doesn't have that strong odor that hits you in the face every time you walk into the room. At the same time it also isn't a masculine, sporty strong scent either. I've had this candle burning over multiple evenings for a few hours each and it's still going strong. It says it should burn 60 hours and that looks accurate.