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On Women's History Month, we are thrilled to honor the legacy of our founder, Mabel Baker, who created the first female-owned candle company in America.
Founded in 1909 by Mabel Baker, Colonial Candle® was inspired by its location in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Mabel Baker's dedication to quality and her innovative approach to candle making helped Colonial Candle become a prominent name in the industry.
Today, Colonial Candle® continues to produce candles with a focus on craftsmanship and quality, carrying on Mabel Baker's legacy.

The original inspiration - BAYBERRY

Aromatic * Evergreen * Traditional * Resilient

Mabel Baker, in her quaint Cape Cod kitchen, transformed humble bayberries into coveted candles. But her connection to bayberries went beyond the ingredient.

Resilient: Like bayberries withstanding harsh conditions to grow, Mabel persevered,
utilizing the resources available to her, to support her family and contribute to her community.

Innovative: Mabel Baker's use of bayberries for candle-making was innovative for her time, as she found a creative and sustainable alternative to traditional candle waxes.

Visionary: Mabel Baker's vision to use bayberries for candle-making was visionary, as she saw the potential for a sustainable and aromatic wax source in a time when other options were scarce.

Check out our curated collection of Bayberry and Woods fragrances to inspire you this spring.

Celebrate the Mabel in your Life

Loving * Strong * Creative * Compassionate

We all have a Mabel in our lives, as a wife, as a mother, as a sister, as a daughter or as a friend. Mabel embodies strength and determination, facing challenges head-on. Her compassion touches hearts, and her intelligence shines through in all she does. Beauty emanates from her grace and kindness. Mabel's resilience inspires us, and her independence empowers. She leads by example, fostering creativity and growth.

As we reflect on the impact Mabel has had on our lives, we search for ways to express our gratitude. Perhaps it's through small gestures, like the flicker of a scented candle, that we convey our appreciation for her presence.

Just as Mabel's warmth and light have illuminated our paths, so too do these candles symbolize the comfort and solace she brings. Each fragrance chosen with care, reminiscent of the essence
of her being, a reminder of the joy she brings into our lives.

Check out our curated collections of inspiring fragrances for the Mabel in your lives.

New Launches

Trendy * Captivating * Latest

Discover our latest arrivals in scented candles and dripless tapers, designed to elevate your ambiance and captivate your senses. Immerse yourself in the delicate fragrance of our scented candles, each carefully crafted to evoke a unique olfactory journey. From the enchanting allure of Pink Cherry Blossom and the Strawberry Rhubarb Ovals to the sophisticated elegance of the Pink Persian Taper, our collection offers an array of scents to suit every mood and occasion.

Embrace the allure of exotic locales with our Havana Nights Manly Candle, transporting you to the vibrant streets of Cuba with its rich and masculine aroma. Whether you're seeking tranquility, romance, or adventure, our new Pop of Color launches promise to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your space. Explore our latest offerings today and indulge in the art of sensory indulgence.

Dinner & Entertaining

Classic * Timeless * America's Favorite Wedding Candles

Elevate your dining and entertaining experiences with our extensive selection of unscented candles, boasting a palette of over 15 captivating colors. With hues ranging from classic ivory and pristine white to bold shades like navy blue and deep burgundy, you're sure to find the ideal match for your decor scheme.

Designed for versatility and style, our unscented candles provide a timeless elegance that enhances the ambiance of any occasion. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they offer a clean burn and long-lasting glow, ensuring that your gatherings are imbued with warmth and sophistication.

Pair our candles with elegant candle holders or arrange them in clusters for a visually striking centerpiece. Whether you're celebrating a special milestone or simply enjoying a casual meal with loved ones, our unscented candles add a touch of charm and refinement to any setting.