Timeless Scents from Colonial Candle

Heritage Collection

Bringing back bestselling fragrances to pay tribute to Colonial's heritage with our most loved scents through history.

Our team scoured through the archives to bring the all-time favorite fragrances back, in an affordable cylindrical jar format!

Top recommendations: All of the below :)

Classic Cylinders

Colonial Candle's Classic Cylinders are a delightful fusion of elegance and fragrance. Encased in chic cylindrical glass jars featuring a silver-colored lid, these meticulously designed containers not only elevate the visual charm but also guarantee a clean and consistent burn, courtesy of the inclusion of two lead-free wicks.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Colonial Candle's classic fragrances, carefully curated to evoke a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and sophistication. Whether you're looking to create a cozy atmosphere at home or searching for the perfect gift, the Classic Cylinders collection by Colonial Candle is the epitome of refined scented luxury.

M Baker Collection

Inspired by the creator of Colonial Candle, Mabel Baker, our M. Baker collection is authentically crafted from the beginning. We meticulously consider each scent using pure essential oils gathered from natural botanicals to deliver the most authentic and aromatic fragrance possible.
Our natural soy blend wax is poured with care into custom apothecary jars and set with two cotton wicks to ensure an experience rich in old world charm. This collection is our homage to the traditions of candle making, steeped through generations to create a classic candle that makes a quietly strong statement.

Top recommendations: Tobacco & Cardomom, Black Tea Flora, Rosehips Hydrangea, Bayberry & Fir

Classic Ovals Collection

For decades, the Oval Jar from Colonial Candle has been bringing joy, lighting up homes and helping to create special memories. The patented oblong glass container and the century old recipe of fragrances sets us apart from other candles companies.

We have brought back the fan favorite ovals and the original fragrances to celebrate our origins in fine fragrance and bring back the original formulation of your favorite fragrances.

2024 Launches: Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb, Pink Cherry Blossom

Best sellers: Holiday Sparkle, Fine Merlot, Bayberry

1909 Premium Candle Gift Set

The 1909 Collection evokes the light of luxury through the artistry of fragrance.

Warm, comforting fragrances to luscious, extraordinary aromas will transport you to different destinations with each light of a wick. Infused with essential oils and highly concentrated fragrances for a premium experience.

These meticulously crafted candles poured into delicately sprayed jars are paired with elegant labels and shipped in a simple, sophisticated box. A perfect gift for your loved ones!

Our recommendations: Gardenia Blush, Sandalwood & Saffron, Mahogany & Tobacco Lead