Taper Candles

A rainbow of colors and sizes

White is the color of clarity, purity and truth. Used in combination with other colors, white tapers can also accentuate your entire palette. These Classic candles, which have a bevelled base to provide the stability, are virtually drip free.

Hand-dipped candles ensure quality and create a nostalgic feel. These elegant designs are suitable for parties, weddings, and holiday dinners.

Ivory candles are relaxing and can bring a touch of elegance to a room. They add a warmer and richer feel than the color white, and can be used with any color combinations. These Classic candles are made with a bevelled base to provide stability.

Elegantly crafted Hand Dipt candles are ideal for any formal affair and provide a soy-blend unscented wax with cotton wicks for a smooth, virtually drip-free burn.

Radiating warmth, passion and romance, red dinner candles provide a rich accent to a delicious dinner, or a sensual touch to any setting.