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Luxury Shades of Blue Decor, Pack Of 8


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Fragrance Name: Unscented

  • Unscented
The cool, deep blue hue of this assortment of tapers adds a beautifully complex and sophisticated feel to your home. An epitome of elegance and sophistication, these taper candles are ideal for any occasion. With these as the centerpiece of your tablescape, they make any event an elegant affair.

· 12in Classic Indigo
· 8in Classic Indigo
· 10in Classic Coastal Blue
· 10in Handipt Wedgewood
· 18oz Cc Illusion
· 18oz Cc Illusion
· 8 in Classic Ivory
· 8 in Classic Ivory

Disclaimer: Item selections may vary slightly based on availability, but every effort will be made to match the colors and styles indicated.

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