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A Selection of Classic Manly Indulgence Fragrances, Pack Of 4


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Fragrance Name: Unscented

  • Unscented
SKU: MIGift.0001

This selection of Classic Manly Indulgence Fragrances offers a refined, sleek aroma to elevate any evening. Black Tuxedo has a unique fragrance blend of clove, musk, and vanilla, that will fit your space as well as a perfectly tailored tuxedo. The invigorating aroma of grapefruit, lime, orange blossom, and thyme will ensure that Ivy League stands out in your home. Last Call is the perfect nightcap on your evening - Vetiver provides a sturdy foundation blended with oakmoss and sweet musk for a warm and inviting scent. Suit and Tie will add an air of classic sophistication to any space. With notes of fresh ozone, calming clary sage, and sandalwood, Suit and Tie is a classic fragrance that will add polish to any room.

· 16.5oz MI IVY LEAGUE
· 16.5oz MI LAST CALL
· 16.5oz MI SUIT & TIE

Disclaimer: Item selections may vary slightly based on availability, but every effort will be made to match the colors, styles, and fragrances indicated.

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