12" Willow Green Handipt Taper, 12 Pack


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Like the color of new leaves in the spring our unscented Willow Green taper candles bring a breath of fresh air to your home décor. These twelve-inch candles are hand dipped, virtually drip free, and have a burn time of up to ten hours each.

A light, spring-like green, our Willow Green taper candles are hand dipped, with a virtually drip-free burn time of up to ten hours each.

  • COMPLIMENT ANY OCCASION | These taper candles feature an elegant design that is suitable for parties, weddings, and holiday dinners, these candle sticks are perfect in setting an elegant vibe and complements almost any decor.
  • HAND-DIPPED | Hand-dipped to ensure quality and create a nostalgic feel. These tapers create a warm glow in every space.
  • WILLOW GREEN | A spring-like green, inspired by the changing of the seasons in nature.
  • BURN | Made with high quality wax to create a smooth, clean, virtually drip-free experience with a burn time of up to ten hours each. These cotton wick tapers produces a clean burn, producing hardly any soot.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | Carefully produced to give you the best experience with your candle. Each package contains twelve taper candles, proudly poured in the USA.

  • For more than a century, Colonial Candles have sparked joy, created memories and established cozy corners in homes across America. We take pride in our history and look forward to moving into the future with the same values we started with – a dedication to our customers and the spaces where they live. We take pride in creating fragrances that add to joyful family moments, harken back to happy times and create relaxing and welcoming environments in your home.

    Customer Reviews

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    Lovely candles

    Well made and burn beautifully. I’ve been buying and burning candles for many years. Colonial Candles are by far the best quality candles.

    Marci Hanzlik
    Spring candles

    Love these candles- the don’t drip and burn a long time.

    Paige Andersen

    12" Willow Green Handipt Taper, 12 Pack

    Tim Turner
    The best canles

    I’ve been buying Colonial Candles for many years from a little shop in the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. Due to covid, this was the first time I bought them online. I love them. I think they’re the best. Any other candles are a step down.