Hi Pumpkin Candle, Carolina Candle Harvest Sentiments Collection, 15 oz

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Spice up your traditional pumpkin fragrance with Hi Pumpkin. This scent is the matured version of your classic fall favorite. With notes of whiskey and bourbon hidden beneath the pumpkin spice and gooey maple syrup it is an aroma you cannot miss. Paired with the spirits are caramelized sugar and smokey woods, opposites that do in fact blend well together. This boozy pumpkin scent is the perfect addition to your autumn routine to set yourself apart from the other pumpkin lovers. This unique fragrance is secured in a festive shrink wrapped with a “punny” saying to add some fun to your harvest season. Topped with a gold lid that can fit into any décor style and can even double as a great hostess gift. This candle has it all and is sure to put a smile on a face or two. Change up your autumn season traditions with Hi Pumpkin.

  • Theres a new pumpkin in town! Add some flare to your favorite fall fragrance with Hi Pumpkin. The Harvest Sentiments collection by Carolina Candle combines the best fall fragrances with kitschy design and sayings! A gold lid completes the harvest look for a great piece to add to your seasonal decor.
  • PUMPKIN | A fall classic with an added hint of bourbon. With notes of pumpkin spice, whiskey and bourbon vanilla, this spirited pumpkin fragrance is a must have!
  • SUGAR | This fragrance is the perfect blend of pumpkin and sweet syrup. The smoky bourbon liquor aromas add a sense of comfort and warmth to the candle.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top: Pumpkin Spices, Maple Syrup Middle: Whiskey Accord, Caramelized Sugar Base: Bourbon Vanilla, Smoked Woods
  • BURN | Featuring two premium cotton wicks, the Harvest Sentiments Collection is sure to light up your fall season.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 15 ounce candle from the Harvest Sentiments Collection is proudly poured in the USA.

  • Inspire a smile and feelings of gratitude with Harvest Sentiments by Carolina Collections. A mixture of fun phrases and classic harvest tidings offer something special for everyone. Get into the spirit of Autumn with the perfect hostess gift or addition to your home decor. From Carolina Collections, this great value candle is a fun addition to any home.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Cathy Davila

    Smells wonderful

    James Gallimore
    I am not a fan of pumpkin, but this smells AMAZING

    I usually steer clear of pumpkin scented candles and sprays but the Colonial Candle Hi Pumpkin candle smells so good. I like that just one candle can make my entire house smell heavenly. The burn time is outstanding and the scent is not too strong.

    Samantha Christie
    Passion for Pumpkin

    The sweet smelling pumpkin scent really enhances my passion for the pumpkin fragrance. I can smell it all through my house as it lightly fragrances the atmosphere. The candle burns evenly, the wicks light quickly and it doesn't leave any trace of burnt odor when you blow them out. This is a must have for anyone who adores the scent of pumpkin anytime or just during the Fall months. It's an extremely high quality candle that literally makes you say " Hi Pumpkin" when you use it.

    Ann Sakolsky
    Smells amazing

    The smell is amazing, smells up my whole kitchen and living room. You won’t be disappointed.

    Kristy hughes
    Awesome smelling candle

    I love this candle! This is my new favorite candle! I love pumpkin scented candles. But this one is my absolute favorite out of any I have tried now! I will be purchasing these from here on out now!

    Tonia Horne

    I’m in love with this candle! It smells like pumpkin with a hint of fall! I love the way it made my house smell and received many compliments on it from guest in my home. It’s not overpowering at all! A very light scent but strong enough to make your home smell and feel like fall!! I would definitely recommend this candle! I also love the orange with the cute wording of Hi,Pumpkin,it just adds to the uniqueness of the candle! I can’t wait to experience Colonial Candles other fall scents!

    Amber Beeler
    Smells amazing!!

    I absolutely love this adorable candle with "Hi Pumpkin" written on the package. I could immediately smell the pumpkin scent as soon as I popped open the lid. It smelled amazing. The candle smelled just as amazing upon burning the wick. It filled the entire room with the perfect amount of pumpkin scent. This would be a great gift for others. But after using it and smelling it, I don't think I would want to share it with anyone else. I would want to keep it all to myself. Definitely recommend this candle if you're looking for cute Fall Decor that also will make your house smell like Fall.

    Amazing scent!

    I am in love with the Harvest Sentiments candle, it makes me think of fall and all the wonderful things of fall!!

    Kristie J
    Smells amazing!

    I would absolutely recommend this candle, first and foremost it smells amazing and the scent once used lasts a good while in your home, it has the perfect amount of sweet pumpkin scent mixed with other notes that all perfectly combine together that remind you of the cozy fall season! Something that I especially love is that it's a 2 wick candle so you're getting a quality candle with this one. I also really love the overall appearance of this candle with it having a nice orange outer covering that says "hi pumpkin" in a fun font as well a nice gold colored lid that easily comes off and is easy to put back on. Overall, I would highly recommend this candle as I absolutely LOVE it!

    Beverly King
    smells like fall

    my daughter loves these candles she loves everything scout fall. so I got her these for her birthday and she loves them.