Pop of Color Scented Jar Candle, Golden Amber, 14.5 oz, Single


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Fragrance Name: Golden Amber

  • Golden Amber

Size: 14.5 oz

  • 14.5 oz
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A unique blend of warm amber, rich honey and bourbon, Golden Amber is perfect for a sunny day. The normally domineering, musky fragrance of amber is subdued with a pleasing combination of raw honey and perfectly-aged whiskey. This premium cotton three-wick scented candle is paired with a round matte yellow jar and topped with a beautiful gold lid.

  • RICH | The scents of amber and bourbon combine to create a lush fragrance, highlighted by the sweetness of raw honey.
  • BOLD | Its bright yellow matte jar and beautiful gold lid add a statement piece to any tabletop in your home.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top Notes: warm amber Middle Notes: rich honey Base Notes: aged whiskey
  • BURN | Our Golden Amber soy wax blend features three premium cotton wicks, to ensure a more even burn.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 14.5 oz. candle from the Pop of Color collection by Colonial Candle is proudly poured in the USA.

  • Like the pop art that inspired it, our Pop of Color collection is bold, playful and adds color to everyday life. The flashy gold lid and vivid jars create an eye-catching piece of art that bursts to life to brighten your home. The bright colors translate into bright fragrances, like grapefruit, ginger and pink pepper, that leap forward to make a statement. This collection doesn’t take itself seriously; it’s art you can have fun with, art that shouts out who you are. Let your space pop to life with the fun and playful scents of our Pop of Color collection.

    Customer Reviews

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    Aleisha Serido

    I love all the candles in my previous order. Will definitely order again and recommend to my friends/family.

    Sherri Jackson
    Made Sister Very Happy

    I purchased a set of 3 of the Golden Amber Pop of Color Jar Candles for my sister for Christmas last year. The ones I purchased were 14.5 ounces and came in a nice jar. This is a good size candle, more rounded shape than long and tall. She loves the Golden Amber scent which I call a mix of a bourbon and musk type scent. It’s definitely not your floral girly scent. I think it makes a good crossover scent or unisex scent, if you will. You could gift this to a woman or man and I think either would probably like it, if they trend toward musky-type scents My sister burns this candle all the time and is very happy with them.

    Smells great

    This candle smells great. I have been using it for a couple weeks and it continues to smell amazing. Has a long burn time and fills the house with a great scent. Jar is pretty too. This candle is for anyone who wants a long lasting candle that smell great!

    Smells great

    This candle is large and very brightly colored. It smells delightful. Its not what I imagined golden amber to smell like, but its pleasant all the same. My wife lit the candle for about an hour before I came into the house and the whole house smelled like this candle. It is a rich, buttery scent that makes one think of baked goods. Definitely not fruity or floral, and not at all overwhelming. After burning for several hours, there was barely a dent made in the wax level, so I suspect this would burn for many hours. Highly recommend this product.

    Great smell

    I loved this candle . The scent is amazing and the color is so very eye catching . I have never heard of this brand before but I will most Definitely be buying some . Yellow is my daughter favorite color so when she see the candle she just stares at it .

    Amazing smell!

    The Pop of Color ( Golden Amber scent) Candle is beautiful! The glass container the candle sits in is made of a nice heavy glass and is a nice yellow color. Upon cold sniff the candle smells really good and smells as described. I was worried the throw wouldn't be that great, but I lit it in my living room and I could smell it throughout my whole house! Which is quit amazing because it's hard to find a candle that does that! The only thing I did not like about the candle was the lid. I felt as though it could of been nicer quality and could of sealed better. But overall I would highly recommend this candle to anyone who loves a candle that will produce a good throw and good burn time!

    Scent could be stronger

    This smells good, but has a weak scent. I have to let it burn for several hours, before I can even smell it a little. It would be good for a small room in your home. Like a bathroom, office or den, etc.

    Smells great!

    When I light this candle it makes my entire home smell wonderful! The aroma gives you a calming sensation! I love it! The color is vibrant and warm! 3 wick candle. This is definitely one of my absolute favorite candles!

    Good candle

    This candle has a great smell to it. It is not too overwhelming and it isnt too faint of a smell. It is somewhere in the middle. The candle itself is also very attractive so it is good for a decoration too. I would recommend it.

    Good smell

    I love the size and weight of the candle first off, the smell and color is absolutely awesome. This candle is perfect for a nice bath and relaxing. I would definitely recommend to fame and friends. Im looking forward to check out the different smells and fragrance

    and this after the opening :