Zombie Attack Candle, Haunted Collection, 14.5 oz

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A ghostly greeting deep from the eerie shadows, the Haunted Collection is a chilling Halloween treat.

About The Fragrance:

An alluring aroma that will add some fun to your spooky season. This Halloween candle is the perfect addition to your home decor.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Cara Cara Orange
  • Middle Notes: Orris Root, Cedarwood, Vetiver
  • Base Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Mystical Musk
  • About The Product:

    A sneaky scent inspired by the rich flavors of Halloween. Starting with a juicy citrus scent with notes of orange this fragrance then burns into woodsy gourmand yumminess with notes of vetiver, vanilla and mystical musk. This unique fragrance hides in a blue wax inside a spooky jar topped with a cobweb lid. This candle is sure to be mysterious surprise!

  • SWEET WOODS | Spooky winds of the woods are encased with welcoming sweet citrus and vanilla. An intruiging, mysterious scent that will lure you in everytime.
  • A woodsy, citrus fragrance with subtle notes of botanicals. The finishing aroma has a sweet musk scent that adds warmth to the air.
  • BURN | Featuring 3 premium cotton wicks, the Haunted Collection is sure to bring some spooky sparks into your home.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 14.5-ounce candle from the Haunted Collection is proudly poured in the USA.
  • About The Collection:

    Bring in the spookiness of the Halloween season with the Haunted Collection. Inspired by eerie places with mysterious fragrance to match the mood. A fun gift or perfect splurge to add to your home decor this fall season!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    Smell wonderful and look great for Halloween. Love them

    Zombie Attack

    Zombie Attack isnt for me. This was my birthday gift I picked out. I can smell the vanilla however it has a strong mens cologne smell that over powers the other scents. I believe its my fault I seen the musk in description however didn't think it would smell like mens cologne to. It is a very nice candle, burns well, and probably would last long. I wont be burning mine. However Im sure alot of people will love the fragrance. I myself am not a fan. I was stuck between Zombie Attack and Grave Dust. I really wish I would have chosen Grave dust now.

    Michelle M
    One of my favorites

    Absolutely love this candle. From the wonderful woodsy scent, to the awesome zombie print and then the really nice cobweb lid, this candle has become one of my favorite Halloween scents. This fills my room so nicely with it wonderful fragrance, not too strong but not too light, and lingers through the rest of my downstairs. Wonderful scent and perfect throw of fragrance from this Halloween candle.

    Walter Armstrong
    Finally! A Halloween scent

    I've been looking for some Halloween-themed scented candles for a while. Glad I stumbled upon Colonial Candle!

    Scott Thompson
    Perfect Halloween party gift!

    Looks good. Smalls even better!

    Samantha Christie
    Zombie Attack Robustness.

    Love this candle l, it has a unique robust earthy scent that's subtle and lingers in nearly every room. It burns evenly and each wick takes hold to light easily without any struggles or delays. It really gives a full fledged fall experience, not only with scent but with the zombie cover displayed on the outer portion of the glass candle jar. I have gotten lots of compliments from friends on this unique candle piece and I love using it.

    Reviewer avatar
    Sara Gagliano
    Candle for All

    I love the scent of this candle, and you can definitely smell all the different notes from the description. It's a candle that is friendly to those who tend to like a woodsy note but can also please someone who prefers a citrus note.

    Sheryl Williams
    Appealing Scent

    Getting a musky, vanilla, woodsy scent. With a veeeery nice orris root. I love orris root and love it in perfumes. I would wear this fragrance on my person. Would I say this is a Halloween fragrance? Absolutely.

    kitty morgan

    Haunted Collections, Zombie Attack smells really good the scent is definitely a different scent from other candles. I really love the way it smells. It's a three wick candle so it burns evenly. While burning,my whole house smells good!! This isn't a overpowering scent or loud as some would say. Sometimes with strong scents my head would hurt but not this candle!! I love the decorations on the jar as well, Halloween decor. You can save the jar and use it later for a candy jar or a hair brush holder, anything you want to use it for. This candle probably will burn over 48 hours because it's a large candle. I'm really really in love with this candle!! I like when a candle stands out from competitive companies this candle does!!!!! I can't rave enough about it!!

    Spooktatcular Smells

    Colonial Candle Scented Jar Candle, Haunted Zombie Attack has very juicy flavors stirred all into one smell. This spooky but clean smells  of citrus,orange, and musk with the smell of botanicals are just right for the month of halloween and adding to the  decor of your halloween party. You can smell this woodsy, ceadarwood, and Sandalwood yumminess all through your home. Its a head turner for sure and all the scents are packed inside this spooky jar topped with a cobweb lid. This 14.5 ounce 3 premium cotton wick candle adds  a long time burning for your lively evening. I recommend  this spooky scent  to add the halloween lovers out there.