M. Baker Scented Jar Candle, Small, Cotton Blossom, 8 oz, Single


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Fragrance Name: Cotton Blossom

  • Cotton Blossom

Size: 8 oz

  • 8 oz

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Fill your home with the sweetly scented heliotrope flower; loaded with little purple blossoms, sheer white musk blends, and the dainty fragrance of linen dried in the salty sea breeze. This crisp scented candle is poured into a handsome custom apothecary jar.

  • CLEAN | Indicative of freshly washed laundry hung out to dry in the sun, Cotton Blossom captures the floral notes of heliotrope and the balancing notes of white musk and linen.
  • LIGHT | Cotton Blossom’s delicate fragrance profile is perfect for brightening any home or space. Its lightness is universally refreshing and desirable.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top Notes: Sea Salt, Peach, Lemon Zest, Mandarin Middle Notes: Blue Jasmine, Peony, Cylcamen, Heliotrope Base Notes: White Cedar, Santal, Cloud Musk, Tonka
  • BURN | Featuring a premium cotton wick, our Cotton Blossom soy wax blend has an approximate burn time of 50 hours.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 8-ounce candle from the M. Baker collection by Colonial Candle is proudly poured in the USA.

  • Mabel Baker established her standard of excellence over a century ago when she began making some of the first scented candles of the time. As a strong, self-made woman, she used her dedication for creating high-quality, all-natural candles to found her own company. Inspired by Mabel, our M. Baker collection is authentically crafted from the beginning. We meticulously consider each scent using pure essential oils gathered from natural botanicals to deliver the most authentic and aromatic fragrance possible. Our natural soy blend wax is poured with care into custom apothecary jars and set with two cotton wicks to ensure an experience rich in old world charm. This collection is our homage to the traditions of candle making, steeped through generations to create a classic candle that makes a quietly strong statement.

    Customer Reviews

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    Diana Peters
    D Peters

    The candle smells very good and lasts a long time.

    Rob Harrison

    Relaxing smell

    Rebekah Jeffrey
    Favorite candle

    After ordering through amazon and receiving broken candles I decided to go straight to the source. So glad I did! I received beautifully packed candles and will be ordering more!

    So this is one of the most powerful scented candle

    So this is one of the most powerful scented candles that I have ever used compared to some candles that smell good before lit and then you smell nothing once you light them. This smelled strong right away after taking off the lid and even stronger after being lit for a few minutes. This particular scent however was not my favorite and because of that the scent was a little too strong for me.If I had to describe the scent I would say it smells like a flowery laundry detergent. I think this is going to make a good bathroom candle though for when I need an overpowering scent. So the candle itself is awesome in the sense that it actually smells powerful like it is supposed to and if I had actually liked the scent that I chose then it would have been 5 stars instead of four. So choose your scent wisely because it will waft everywhere.

    I got this about 2 weeks ago love package that's i

    I got this about 2 weeks ago love package that's it in love the smell and it burns evenly it's the perfect size and it's relaxing to use when u take a bath light it and relax the smell is a fresh scent

    I just want to say that this cotton blossom scent

    I just want to say that this cotton blossom scent is one of the best scented candles ive ever used. The scent is clean and refreshing without being overpowering .Unlike most scented candles that i can burn for only a short time i can burn this candle all evening and still enjoy the scent. I even enjoy the scent without lighting it .I highly recommend the M. Baker candle and look forward to trying other scents.

    The M. Baker Scented Jar Candle is a very nice tou

    The M. Baker Scented Jar Candle is a very nice touch on the counter. The dark lid and smoke colored glass give the candle a pleasing appeal even after use. Cotton Blossom is one of my favorite scents with its fresh aroma.

    Jeff t
    Not overly impressed by the looks, the glass jar

    Not overly impressed by the looks, the glass jar is very simple, but the candle itself is a very pretty gray color which goes with my decor. The candle burns evenly and it emits a wonderful smell of clean laundry which wafts through out the house

    I love expensive candles. The only thing I love mo

    I love expensive candles. The only thing I love more are candles that smell expensive for a great price. M. Baker scented jar candles are the latter. This cotton blossom candle smells like fresh laundry. The fragrance fills my large open living room/kitchen without being overwhelming. I would recommend this candle to anyone who wants a nicer candle at a great value.

    and this after the opening :