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Fragrance Name: Palo Santo

  • Palo Santo

Size: 15oz

  • 15oz
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The cleansing tranquility of Palo Santo boosts positive energy. Sacred Palo Santo wood from South American forests oozes relaxation and harmony. The lighter notes of cedarwood, bergamot, and magnolia creates a fresh and invigorating experience.

  • The balance of Palo Santo's earthy and floral notes make this the perfect escape.
  • CLARIFY | Palo santo—“holy wood”— has been used for decades across Mexico and South America to clear negative energies and invite positive thoughts. With additions of light florals and fruits, this is sure to be your new favorite fragrance.
  • FRAGRANT | Palo santo is considered one of the most fragrant woods in the world. The fragrance is rounded out by touches of fruity and floral notes with a hint of spice from black pepper.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top: Black Pepper, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, Middle: Lavender Blossoms, Lily, Carnation, Sage, Base: Palo Santo, Vetiver, Musk, Patchouli, Cedar, Amber
  • Burn | Featuring a high quality wooden wick, this soy wax blend candle has an approximate burn time of 60 hours.
  • Carefully Crafted | This 15-ounce candle from the Signature collection by Manly Indulgence is proudly poured in the USA.

  • The Signature Collection by Manly Indulgence is inspired by traditionally masculine fragrances that combine with fresh, organic elements. This collection explores both edgy and soft aromas for different personalities. Featuring wooden wicks and matching wooden lids, the Signature collection is as unique as you are.

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    Loved it

    Palo Santo Candles

    Great candles for a great price. The sleek grey jar is a nice touch as well. We’ll be ordering more in the future.

    Palo Santo Candle

    This beautifully scented candle was the perfect gift to a male friend and colleague.
    It was a thoughtful present that really feels like a luxury gift. He loved it! It was a just the right bit of comfort and joy for the season.

    When I first received this candle I found the desi

    When I first received this candle I found the design to be simple, yet bold looking. The wooden lid is a very nice attractive touch to the look of the candle. I was also impressed that it was a soy candle with a reed style wick. It released an amazing aroma as soon as I took the lid off. When I lit the wick it went out a few times before taking to the flame. It was like lighting a real piece of wood. It has a little crackling sound to which I find relaxing. The blend of scents are very harmonizing. I can smell each unique note of the scents, yet they blend so well. To top it all off it burns slow which of course is a major plus I'm very happy with this well crafted candle. It's an indulgence that I personally will keep enjoying.

    I received the manly indulgence scented jar candle

    I received the manly indulgence scented jar candle Palo santo 15 ounce to review, the scent was out of this world my house smelled like a tropical island, it lasted for 8 hrs, love that the wick is made from wood it stayed lite longer, I definitely will buy more of these candles please go buy one fantastic!!!

    The Manly Indulgence Palo Santo candle smells almo

    The Manly Indulgence Palo Santo candle smells almost exactly like palo santo wood being burned! It's very close and really does smell amazing! Would be even better if they used Palo Santo oil but that stuff is expensive and hard to get so I understand. Would be cool if they used a palo santo wood wick but the wood wick they use is just fine.

    I always find it a bit risky getting a candle onli

    I always find it a bit risky getting a candle online without getting to smell its aroma first, but based on the ingredients of Manly Indulgences Candle Palo Santo I risked going out on that limband let me tell you, I couldnt be any more pleased. Wow, wow, wow, what a great candle!

    First and foremost the scent is so aromatic, without becoming overpowering, which is what I want from a candle. And while it seems, perhaps, to be male oriented (and it does indeed have more than a hint of a masculine cologne), my wife loves it so much she would wear it if it were perfume. It is a clean, romantic scent, and you can really smell the warm, cozy fragrance of cedar, magnolia, and bergamot. It gives me the feeling of a clean, but rustic home in the high, mountain country, with the windows open to the outdoors.

    The candle is burning quite evenly, and moderate in speed, so I think it will last a good, realistic time. I love the wood wick, and too I find the container classy and minimalist, so it looks great on our coffee table, kitchen table, counter tops, bathroom, bedroom, and pretty much everywhere (this candle often follow us around the house, such is our love for it).

    This is our first candle from Manly Indulgence, but certainly not our last. I really couldnt be happier with the Palo Santo. Too we are very excited about the other scents they offer. Well done Manly Indulgence, youve created our favorite candle!

    Where to start?! I am in love with this manly sc

    Where to start?! I am in love with this manly scent. Its got a deep musky fragrance which is not over powering and also somewhat clean smelling. The packaging is attractive and looks great with my farmhouse decor, and the fragrance adds a layer of warmth to my living space. The candle burns clean and Ive left burning for several hours without issue (attended of course).

    Beautiful candle! The satisfaction and detail to t

    Beautiful candle! The satisfaction and detail to this modern day candle and its Exquisite scent are a must ! Beautiful all on its own with the simplistic look it carries but then when lit does it really transform a room

    Manly Indulgence never disappoints when it comes t

    Manly Indulgence never disappoints when it comes to great scents! I love that there is finally a candle that I can stand being lit in my house. Everyone always asks me about them when they come to visit.

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