Colonial Candle Scented Jar Candle, Vintage Harvest Collections, Nutmeg Chai Latte, 14.5oz, Single


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Fragrance Name: Nutmeg Chai Latte

  • Nutmeg Chai Latte

Size: 14.5oz

  • 14.5oz
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Add warm comfort to your fall season with notes of warm chai, nutmeg and fresh herbs. Notes of chai join with brown butter and a hint of sea salt for a truly unique autumn fragrance. With a bronze lid, these candles look perfectly polished and ready for fall. Wrapped in a 70's inspired vintage label, Nutmeg Chai Latte will add a subtle sense of nostalgia to your harvest season.

  • Indulge in your favorite fall time drink at any time of day. With chai, spun sugar, and a touch of fresh herbs, this spiced fragrance is rich and delicious. With a vintage inspired wrap label, these candles are a standout for the season.
  • WARMTH | Enjoy the smell of a freshly brewed chai at any time of the day with Nutmeg Chai Latte. Warm notes of nutmeg swirl together with toasty vanilla bean and brown sugar to create a soothing fall fragrance.
  • NUTMEG | This aroma is packed full of creamy and spiced fragrances. The smell of warm seasonal chai bursts from the beautifully wrapped jar.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top: Warm Chai, Nutmeg, Salted Butter, Fresh Herbs Middle: Sugar Cookie, Coconut, Brown Sugar Base: Vanilla Bean, Warm Woods
  • BURN | Featuring 3 premium cotton wicks, the Vintage Harvest collection will remind you of a simpler time.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 14.5-ounce candle from the Vintage Harvest collection is proudly poured in the USA.

  • The Vintage Harvest collection is inspired by the warm tones and nostalgic patterns of the seventies. The beautiful fragrances mimic the spirit of autumn paired with fashion colors and prints. This collection makes for the perfect addition to spice up your home decor this fall.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Patricia Odom
    Great candle

    Love the look, scent & quality of this candle! Will buy again.

    Jane Bresani

    Colonial Candle Scented Jar Candle, Vintage Harvest Collections, Nutmeg Chai Latte, 14.5oz, Single

    James Gallimore
    Very relaxing scent

    I love burning this candle in my bedroom before I go to sleep. The scent is not overwhelming and helps me relax. I was very surprised at how slow it burns considering it has 3 wicks. I will definitely be purchasing this scent again.

    James R
    This smells delicious

    This has a strong scent that is wonderful. It doesn’t smell overly sweet or fake. It reminds of an extra spiced pumpkin pie or cinnamon rolls without the icing. It is nice and comforting. I would burn this all weekend long if I could.

    Haley Baker
    In love with this candle!

    Absolutely in love with this candle! The scent fills up the whole house and makes it smell amazing. I’ve been burning this candle almost non stop for a week.

    Amber Beeler
    Smells amazing

    I absolutely love this Nutmeg Chai Latte candle. The label is absolutely beautiful. It also smells so good. This candle easily takes one of my top 3 scented candles of all time. I will definitely be purchasing more. I have been and will continue to make everyone smell it as soon as they come over to my house. With it being a 3 wick candle, it melts evenly but doesn't burn through the candle as quickly as I thought it would. Meaning, this will be a longer lasting candle. I just love it!!!

    Ann Sakolsky
    Smells amazing

    You won’t be disappointed, the smell is amazing, it has be ready for fall. Would highly recommend.

    Tonia Horne
    Nutmeg Chai Latte

    Amazing fall scent! Cute design to add to your home decor for fall. It smells like cookies with a hint of fall! A light but warm smell. It made my house smell so good! The best thing about this candle is it’s not overpowering! Highly recommend this candle for a great fall scent that smells amazing to your home

    Lucy Luu
    Love this candle

    This candle has me so so ready for fall! It just smells so good, and I've had it lit every evening after work. It still doesn't seem to have burned down at all, and that's with all 3 wicks!! I love this one!


    I love the scent!! It last longer than normal candles do. It’s a perfect size. It’s great to help you relax too.

    and this after the opening :