Black Tuxedo Candle, Manly Indulgence Classic Collection, 16.5 oz

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With a unique fragrance blend of clove, musk, and vanilla, this candle will fit your space as well as a perfectly tailored tuxedo. A refined, sleek aroma to elevate any evening.

  • Black Tuxedo is the perfect date for a night in, with spicy clove softened by florals and vanilla.
  • REFINED | A truly opulent fragrance, with a gorgeous blend of sandalwood, jasmine, and orris, inspired by a man with exquiste taste.
  • SLEEK | As sleek as a man in a tailored suit, this candle brings a sophisticated touch to any room in your home to create an aura of stately luxury.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top Notes: Iris, Mandarin, Lily, Middle Notes: Violet, Jasmine, Clove Bud, Base Notes: Sandalwood, Orris, Vanilla Bean
  • Burn | Featuring a premium cotton wick, this soy wax blend candle has an approximate burn time of 60 hours.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 16.5-ounce candle from the Classic collection by Manly Indulgence is proudly poured in the USA.

  • The Classic Collection by Manly Indulgence combines bold masculine fragrance with florals, herbs, and fruits to make a truly dynamic fragrance experience. Raw, fresh fragrance combines with playful personas to represent your own personal style. Classically styled matte black jars with black lids compliment these compelling fragrances.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Donna Lacey
    Smells fantastic

    Black tuxedo is the best smelling candle ever. Friends come to my house and go on about how great my house smells.

    Paul Lavoie
    Great Scents But Could Be Stronger

    Glad I purchased - we have a loft though - not as room filling as other brands, but the scents are lovely.

    Ilona Osborne

    Always looked 4 candle without a sweet smell,, perfect when entertaining,, everyone asks what is that scent??

    Avery Duncan

    Manly Indulgence Scented Jar Candle, Classic Collection - Black Tuxedo, 16.5 oz - Single

    Debora Rudesill

    Manly Candle

    Gail Hubbard
    Great candle

    Very nice scent. Boxed well. Delivered early.

    Not very fragrant!

    This is a 16.5 oz soy-blend black tuxedo candle. It has notes of white musk, lavender, and cedarwood. This candle is in a black matte glass jar, and comes with a lid. The thing I do like about soy-blend candles is, they seem to have a longer burn time. This candle was lit for more than five hours straight and I was surprised to see it had barely burnt a dent into it. I do like the scent of this candle, but I do wish the scent was more fragrant. I barely even smell anything when it's burning. I even asked my husband and he couldn't really smell anything either. It's a good scent but a very faint scent, I would have liked for it to be more fragrant. One other thing I want to point out is the front label. The label is all wrinkled, it's not aesthetically pleasing to me. Overall, this was okay for me. I like strong scented candles. I'm still burning this one and it's sets a nice evening ambience.

    Smells great!

    This candle smells really great! I love burning it while I am in the kitchen cooking up food or washing dishes. It smells manly, but not to the point where my wife doesn't like it. It has a really nice vanilla sort of scent to it.

    Great Candle

    This candle has a wonderful manly scent, thats not overpowering. It was well liked by my wife and children as well. The jar is black with a black top, and the label looks very sophisticated as well. I personally turned the jar back to and put it on a lower shelf when not using. The candle does not produce a lot of soot, but burns fairly clean and smooth. This is a new favorite around here, and I look forward to trying other scents by this company.

    Smells amazing!!

    I bought the Manly Indulgence Black Tuxedo candle and it smells amazing!!! I got it for my man cave but found myself using it in my living room. To me it smells like a high class fancy store. I have received many compliments on how good my house smells. Its not overwhelming at all. I did buy the 16.5 ounce and am so glad I did. I have burned it for about two weeks every day for about an hour and its still over half full. Its a big nice sized candle. When its not burning it looks pretty elegant sitting on my end table. I highly recommend the Manley Indulgence candles for men and women if you want your house to smell great.