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Elevate your harvest decor with 10 inch classic tapers in Pumpkin. If you’re getting your home ready for fall, or just love the color orange,...
An image of a box containing 12 of our classic 12-inch black taper candles from Colonial Candle.
$11.52 $38.40
Add Stricking Elegance to your next event. With high-quality wax, each candle burns for 10 hours Get 12 black taper candles in each package —...
A picture of a 12-pack of wedgewood blue taper candles from Colonial Candle that are 12 inches tall.
Bring some romance to your dinner with these 12-inch charcoal taper candles. Each box contains 12 candles, so all you need are standard taper holders!...
This is an image of a box of 12-inch rose mauve pink taper candles that come in a pack of 12 from Colonial Candle.
$11.52 $38.40
Our 12-inch rose mauve pink taper candles are ready for the 80s.  Mauve is defined as a moderate purple, violet, or lilac that sits between...
These 12-inch terra cotta taper candlesticks go great with any earthy home decor.  One box of 12-inch taper candlesticks comes with 12 candles.  We’ve beveled...