Union Jack Candle, Manly Indulgence Classic Collection, 16.5 oz

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The spirit of the modern United Kingdom is represented in our Union Jack candle, with a sweet honeycomb, creamy coconut, and pops of shea butter. Infuse your home with a sophisticated, modern freshness with Union Jack.

  • Union Jack brings a sweet sophiscation with creamy coconut and sweet pipe tobacco.
  • SMOOTH | Creamy coconut blends seamlessly with rich oud inspired by a sophisticated Englishman.
  • METROPOLITAN | The uniqueness of modern-day London is also represented with unexpected notes of coconut and honeycomb.
  • FRAGRANCE | Top Notes: Raw coconut, Mandarin leaf, Middle Notes: Rustic oud, Sandalwood, Shea, Base Notes: Palm, Blue agave, White cedar
  • Burn | Featuring a premium cotton wick, this soy wax blend candle has an approximate burn time of 60 hours.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 16.5-ounce candle from the Classic collection by Manly Indulgence is proudly poured in the USA.

  • The Classic Collection by Manly Indulgence combines bold masculine fragrance with florals, herbs, and fruits to make a truly dynamic fragrance experience. Raw, fresh fragrance combines with playful personas to represent your own personal style. Classically styled matte black jars with black lids compliment these compelling fragrances.

    Customer Reviews

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    Amanda Suggs
    Union Jack-Long Live the Queen!

    This is in the Manly Indulgence collection but I find it nice as a not too sweet or flowery, whole home scent. I receive many, many compliments on this candle. The packaging/presentation also blends with any decor seamlessly.

    Steve P.
    Mahogany makes it good.

    I'm not much for sweet fragrances, but union jack was, for me, a rare exception; it's fantastic. The honey combined with the mahogany is a perfect match that evens it out and tones down the sweetness just enough to fully appreciate the honeycomb. Naturally sweet without ever being over-the-top, this is a perfect evening candle in front of the fireplace or late at night as a helpful guide to dreamland. I'll definitely buy it again. And the black tobacco seems to further smooth out any rough edges to make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. For me it is an unusual but subtle reminder of a tobacco farm I visited in North Carolina years ago.

    Cheryl Frederick
    Candle order

    These are great! And they were delivered on time. Would buy these again.

    Joshua A
    What a lovely candle. I wasnt sure how the combi

    What a lovely candle. I wasnt sure how the combination of smells was going to be, but it ended up smelling really good. Its a nice, big candle that should last quite a while. It makes my entire house smell nice. Love the look of the candle too.

    Manly Indulgences Union Jack Scented Candle is not

    Manly Indulgences Union Jack Scented Candle is not what I was expecting but it smells amazing in its own way. It has fragrance notes of black tobacco, honeycomb, and mahogany bark. To be honest with the name of the candle and flavor notes I thought this was going to smell more manly. It still smells beautiful in its own right. Not overbearing, like dipping your toes in the realm of manly scents. I like the black metal candle jar and the fact that it is poured in the USA. It burns nice and smells great in the process. Overall I am happy and would recommend it.

    This candle smells pretty vanilla-forward to me, b

    This candle smells pretty vanilla-forward to me, but not in an unpleasant way. It's not super masculine but is not floral or perfume-y which is good. It burns well with little smoke, and the scent throw is good -- you could definitely smell it throughout a medium sized room.

    This candle gives off a nice light scent. The scen

    This candle gives off a nice light scent. The scent fills up the room nicely it is not over whelming like some candles can be. It burns nice and evenly. It has a nice sweet honey smell. I enjoy the scent I recommend it.

    I got this M.I. Union Jack candle for my husband f

    I got this M.I. Union Jack candle for my husband for Father's day, and wish that it smelled stronger. The smell of the candle is absolutely amazing with hints of vanilla and tobacco, but you can only smell it when you hold it up to your nose. Even after having it burn for hours in his office, my husband and his coworkers say that they can not smell it. The glass jar is very good looking with a classic masculine look and metal lid. And this candle has only 1 wick, which we prefer. If the scent was stronger we would purchase many more of these candles for our home and to give as gifts, because these would be a perfect gift.

    Manly Indulgence Scented Jar Candle is of great qu

    Manly Indulgence Scented Jar Candle is of great quality. Its neutral packaging is attractive. The candles scent, Union Jack, is fresh and sweet. It burns well ~ clean, even, and for a long period of time. Not only is this product perfect for your own home, but it would also make a fantastic gift for a male, or female.

    Tried out the Manly indulgence scented jar candle,

    Tried out the Manly indulgence scented jar candle, classic collection. In the scent Union Jack! Smells so good! Definitely a nice manly scent and not overpowering. Simple classic and doesn't burn out super fast