World Well-Being Week, annually runs from June 24 - June 28, giving us the opportunity to unwind from our usual commitments and become aware of our social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental wellness. Well-being is the balance of your mind, body, and soul. Proper nutrition, physical exercise, and personal hygiene are examples of things that keep your wellness in balance. One key way to kickstart living a life of well being is to purge your bad habits – swap T.V. for books, pizza for a homemade meal, and a cocktail for seltzer water.

The Wick Candle Collection fragrances are here to help you commit to your wellness goals long term even as wellness week comes to an end. We are featuring the Vanilla Cedarwood, Coconut Lime Verbana, and Lavender Vanilla which all have fragrances to promote overall well-being that will end the week of wellness strong.


Vanilla Cedarwood

Wind down after a long day with a light read as your home floods with an aroma of Wick’s Vanilla Cedarwood fragrance to create the ideal calming environment. Vanilla fragrances are shown to soothe the body’s respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. Anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure are all improved with vanilla’s calming effects. The Vanilla Cedarwood candle fragrance is combined with high-quality wooden wick crackling sounds to bring you into the present moment leaving behind any unfinished business for the day.

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Crisp Pear and Basil

Melt into a vacation under the sun that the Wick Crisp Pear and Basil candle radiates. One of the best opportunities to achieve physical wellness this summer is going for a swim. The coolness of the water refreshes your senses, while offering exercise at the same time. The Crisp Pear and Basil candle is exactly what you need after a swim to deliver sweet scents of summer in the fruitful tropics – sweet pear combined with fresh basil put the benefits of balance into perspective.

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Starfruit & Coconut Water

The Wick Starfruit & Coconut Water candle scent with crackling sounds are the perfect compliment to any yoga or meditation practice. Coconut fragrances have been shown to promote calmness and reduce stress. Starfruit scents have a tart, ripe citrus scent to lift your summer spirits. Regardless of what is going on in your environment, mind or body – our Starfruit and Coconut Water candle will help you settle into your meditation practice and quiet your mind.

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