Even if you’re only somewhat interested in home décor, you’ve had to have seen the word hygge – that is unless you live under a rock. It’s scattered across Pinterest boards and been written about in magazines like the New Yorker and Time. This trend has left its homie walls of Scandinavia and is taking the world by storm.

The Danish and Norwegian word hygge (pronounced HOO-ga) has no direct translation to any word in the English language, though *cozy* is probably your best bet. It’s also thought to have originated from the word “hug”, but that might just be my own wishful thinking. Taking all of this into consideration, hygge essentially means the coziness and comfort that produces a feeling of simplicity, happiness and well-being.  

Hygge is all about your surroundings and how it affects your psychological state of being. I mean, it’s hard to feel cozy and comfortable when you’re surrounded by chaos, right? We all know that feeling of claustrophobia when your house is too cluttered.

Instead, image yourself wrapped up in a blanket, sipping a hot cup of cocoa, and watching a light snow fall from inside your cozy home. But what I think really drives this picture home is the warm glow of the candlelit room. Artificial lighting simply can’t compare to the soft ambiance of a candle. It creates a pleasing atmosphere and displays a gentle form of light that’s perfect for tranquility and entertaining. I swear, just thinking about this Hallmark image relieves some of the stress of the day!

Despite their love of neutral colors and modern style, every Scandinavian décor article includes candles. Your home should be a place to unwind, a place with the right type of mood-lighting. Traditionally, the Danes burn simple, white, scentless candles like pillars or tapers, but we’ve got you’ve covered no matter what you’re looking for!

Honestly, this really is something to consider. Enjoying a comforting, candlelit atmosphere with friends and family, or perhaps just by yourself, doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. After all, there must be a reason why Scandinavians are the happiest people in the world.

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Monica P said:

Luv this site! I have ordered 8 dozen tapers this year. I believe candles make a Hygge setting, home or wedding!

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