Nothing is more romantic than an ambiance radiant with the warm glow of taper candles, or scented jar candles. Be it for a Valentine’s date night, a soothing bath, or just to enhance the space with a dreamy fragrance, soft candlelight creates an undeniably romantic ambiance. Make Valentine’s Day 2021 the most romantic one yet with Colonial Candle Valentine’s Day gifts. We have made it easy for you with a 35% discount on sitewide. Be sure to check out our Romantic Fruit-Scented Candle Collection

If you’re looking for something romantic that’ll leave your Valentine swooning, we’ve got you covered. There's something for everyone here for a successful Valentine's Day this year! Gift your partner an experience to remember, one that can also be shared between the two of you! 

Valentine Candles Love Is in The Air

Pamper your loved one with this beautiful Valentines Day Candle that'll make this year's Valentine’s Day the most romantic one yet! The delicious gourmand fragrance is given beautiful depth by notes of French vanilla pastry, creme brulee, sweet berries, and more, giving you and your partner all the more reason to indulge in a truly romantic evening.

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The Perfect Nightcap For Your Evening

Turn up the heat on your date night with the warm, woody aroma of vetiver blended with oakmoss and sweet musk. Last Call by Manly Indulgence is inspired by a man who does not let last call end the perfect night, ideal for creating a soft, romantic ambiance, perfect for afterhours!

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A Flower Lover's Dream Come True

Evoke the feeling of a surprise bouquet of flowers with floral scented candles. Surprise your partner with an impromptu intimate night in, perfumed with pink peony petals, hints of aromatic blackcurrant, and Eastern oud wood, just the right recipe for romance. 

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The Perfect Kissable Aroma

An ideal companion to any romantic setting, Kisses Jar Candle features a sweet fragrance that is perfectly complemented by notes of sparkling pineapple, orange, creamy vanilla and honeysuckle, pink jasmine, lemon, and more.

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Innately Sensual Red Candles to Set the Mood


Our deep and dramatic unscented Red taper candles offer the perfect sensual glow for kindling a spark, ideal for romantic candlelight dinners. Sure to inspire romance, pair these with our red pillars and scented candles for an ambiance that is simply beautiful!

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Create the Ideal Ambiance with Rose Tapers


A combination of lavender and dusty rose for a sweet and modern neutral Rose-Mauve hue. Our dusty pink twelve-inch unscented Rose Mauve classic taper candles have a virtually drip-free burn time of up to ten hours each, perfect candles to set the sensual mood for a date night in. 

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