Next on the list is The Windy City (Chicago, Illinois), the birthplace of the skyscraper, the Chicago blues and deep-dish pizza.  

Travel Collection - CHICAGO 6oz Scented Jar Candle - Colonial Candle

Deep Dish Pizza

While the rest of the world has made only slight variations to the traditional Italian-style pizza, Chicago has taken the dish and revolutionized it. It's not even a pizza anymore, it's a pie. The pizza crust, which is normally pretty flat, is so thick it has to be cooked in a steel pan that looks like it belongs in a cake shop. 

Chicago-style pie has grown so popular, pizza tours are popping up all across the city for sightseers and locals alike. The tour guides take you around to the prime pizza spots in each of the Chicago neighborhoods. But they don't just talk about the background and preparation of deep dish pizza, most tours include an exclusive look at the history of the Prohibition Era in Chicago.  

Travel Collection - CHICAGO 6oz Scented Jar Candle - Colonial Candle


From the *wise words* of Al Capone, "Prohibition has made nothing but trouble". Capone and the mobsters of his era immortalized Chicago, inadvertently coining the phrase "The Chicago Gangsters". They brought in massive quantities of alcohol from Canada and sold them to speakeasies.

Prohibition has long since been repealed, but speakeasies are still incredibly popular in Chicago today. There are even a number of bars in the city that are keeping the spirit of secrecy alive - and they're not always so easy to find

Travel Collection - CHICAGO 6oz Scented Jar Candle - Colonial Candle

Chicago Blues

No trip to Chicago is complete without checking out the neighborhood music scene, especially the local blues clubs. The Chicago blues is a world-famous type of urban blues that originated in the city. To escape Jim Crow, southern African Americans migrated to northern industrial cities in the early to mid-1900s and they brought their music with them. In a new city and a new vibe, they revamped the classic blues by adding the industrial sounds of an electric guitar and harmonica.

And so, the Chicago blues was born.  

With such a great nightlife and a unique industrial feel, this city really needs to be on your bucket list. But if you can't get there just yet, we have CHICAGO - a skyscraper blue jar candle. With a fragrance combination of suede, zest and subtle amberwood, this candle is something you could easily find burning in the basement of a jazz-filled speakeasy.

Travel Collection - Chicago 6oz Scented Jar Candle - Colonial Candle

Whether you're a Chicagoan or an out-of-towner, we want to hear from you! What's your favorite thing to do in Chicago?  

In celebration of this new collection, we will be posting travel tips and fun facts about each vacation destination - so stay tuned!  


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Do any of your retailers in the Chicago area have your Chicago candles? Thank you.

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